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The Riddle

King Conan must defend his Kingdom from a Set horde that has erupted from hell.



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The Characters by Robert Ervin Howard & Michael Moorcock

Many years have passed, and CONAN OF CIMMERIA, 64, is now King of Aquilonia by his own hand. He and his beautiful warrior Queen, ZENOBIA, 46, have brought peace and tranquility to the land, including two sons, CONN, 28, and ZANE, 26.

Conan takes his sons through the journey of his past, yet meanwhile, in Zamora, KING OSRIC, 91, sends a message to the Kings Hyboria to attend a Witan, concerning a legend of the damned and its prophecy delivered to a Horde king, by Set.

Prince Zane comes face to face with the men of this dark horde, who have slaughtered a village along the Hyborian mountains, near the lands where this dark prophecy took hold.

The horde attacks the Citadel and kills everyone, including Conan's son, Wife O'ona, and daughter. Conan draws the horde to his gates where he makes one final stand to destroy the snakes of the earth.

Submitted: December 22, 2020
Last Updated: July 12, 2021

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The Writer: Kevin Lamb

I attended the Los Angeles Film School and Fullerton College's Television and Film program in Southern California. I write Cinematic Stories in an Industry-standard Final Draft full feature format. Go to bio

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