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Second Dance

An American college student discovers that she's the reincarnation of a famous Middle Eastern belly dancer, and she has an unlikely destiny she must fulfill.



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SAMANTHA LEONARD, an American college student and aspiring dancer in her early-20s, is having recurring dreams involving a Syrian belly dancer. Eventually she tells her best friend JENNY DAVIS (early-20s), who offers to take Samantha to her belly dance class to meet its instructor: AKILA ZETA (early-40s), a spiritual woman who might be able to help Samantha.

Intrigued by Samantha, Akila learns her story and suggests that Samantha may be the reincarnation of FARIDA MAZAR SPYROPOULOS, a famous Middle Eastern belly dancer who was the first of her kind to perform for American audiences. Samantha, who doesn't believe people are in control of their own destiny, certainly doesn't believe in reincarnation. Then a hypnosis session with Akila takes her back to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair as Farida.

Impressed by this experience, Samantha joins the belly dancing class and Akila offers to become her mentor--to teach her how to become one of the best belly dancers in the world. Samantha's abilities grow by leaps and bounds and in just weeks she masters the advanced techniques of the art form. But a startling vision of a man having a heart attack during one of Farida's performances scares her. Still, when she Googles Farida, she becomes convinced she is indeed the woman's reincarnation.

A second hypnosis session with Akila leads to more uncovered memories. But it's a thing Samantha doesn't tell her parents; they just know she's got a new enthusiasm, and are supportive. That is, until they catch a glimpse of her very revealing dance costume.

There's a heated confrontation -- they don't want her showing her body. Samantha refuses to quit. But then, when Akila chooses Samantha to perform in a big upcoming event, she's overwhelmed. It's all just too much, to have come so far in such a short time...she can't do it.

Her parents soon apologize for their behavior, and they give Samantha their blessing. Samantha has another dream about Farida in which she experiences the scope of Farida's life and even her death, as well as Farida's dying words: fulfill your destiny. Samantha realizes that it's she who must fulfill her true destiny of being one of the best belly dancers in the world.

Akila introduces Samantha to the Bellydance Superstars troupe, and Samantha performs with them at the event in front of a large audience that includes her parents. Afterward, the troupe invites her to join them. Samantha gladly accepts. She's dedicated now to making the most of this second chance to fulfill her destiny or, as she calls it, her "second dance".

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Critics Choice Award - Tagore International Film Festival
Best Feature Script - Indie Visions Film Festival
Special Jury Award - North American Film Awards
Official Selection - Oaxaca Filmfest
Official Selection - Cindependent Film Festival
Semifinalist - Sacramento International Film Festival
Semifinalist - Los Angeles Cinefest
Honorable Mention - Madras Independent Film Festival
Outstanding Achievement Award - Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards
Official Selection - Global Film Market
Award Winner - World Film Festival

Submitted: February 25, 2021
Last Updated: January 1, 2022

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The Writer: Dexter Williams

I'm an award-winning screenwriter who has written scripts in a variety of genres. I have written seventeen feature scripts and twenty-eight short film scripts, the majority of which explore the paranormal and metaphysical. I have optioned five feature scripts, including a horror trilogy, and my scripts have won accolades from many film festivals. My thriller feature script "Destination Yesterday" won the Gold Award at the L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival. My dramatic feature script "Second Dance" won the Critics Choice Award at the Tagore International Film Festival in India, as well as becoming an Official Selection at the Oaxaca Filmfest in Mexico and the Sacramento... Go to bio

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