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A crew work on a TV series about ghost towns from the Gold Rush era. To make it gripping, they reveal love, crime, peculation and adultery while looking for legends, gossips and local traditions.

Flashback to the Gold Rush Era in the Klondike about hundred years ago. An outlaw robs a bank. He gets away with a pack of gold nuggets but unfortunately he shots a security guard to death.
We are back today.
Ken Barnes, the director of Telus TV, plans a TV series about the ghost towns left behind from the Gold Rush Era. He assigns the project to Dave Hennings, a young and ambitious TV reporter. He sets up a team of 4, including Kathleen, a pretty camera operator, Tom, a technical assistant and an absent-minded professor, Prof. Hartwig from the local university.
Everybody get excited, when the Professor drops a comment about buried gold in the area. He talks about an outlaw, who had robbed a bank but soon after he was hanged. He must have buried the gold somewhere because rumour says it has never been found.
The team spend their field trip on a camp site, near Leechtown, the first ghost town of the planned TV series. The Professor collects the clues to find the buried gold nuggets. While Dave has a not too well-hidden crush on Kathleen, she gets to know a cheeky but rather handsome stranger, Jim Brown.
Finally the crew identify the spot where they suspect the hidden gold. After a short hesitation they decide to be honest and instead of grabbing the treasure for themselves, they call an archaeological team from the nearby museum.
They soon arrive and search the last house area as the old documents suggest. They don't find anything, so they leave. The Professor blames the crew for the fiasco.
Sitting around the fireplace, Dave suddenly solves the puzzle: the "last" means the property of the Last family and not the location of the last house. They go out right away at night to dig up the area. They find an old chest but before they can open it, Jim, Kathleen's handsome suitor, interrupts them with a gun in his hand.

Submitted: October 23, 2019
Last Updated: November 23, 2019

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The Writer: John Varszegi

Canadian script writer, film director/editor. In the 90s he became a script writer at Dayka Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2007 he founded HTVBC Film Studio in Victoria, BC. He has made over 130 documentaries, short films, TV News and reports, music videos and several feature films. He was finalist at Reel International Film Festival 2018 (Perth, Australia), at "Detective FEST 2014" International Film and TV Festival (Moscow, Russia), four times at Cannes (France) International Short Film Festival, at Vancouver International Film Festival and was runner-up at many music video world contests. Since 2013 he has made over 20 films for TV Canada Channel 4. Scriptography: You Will Be... Go to bio

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