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The Bare Republic

Exposing the anatomy of a titillating divorce trial from 1885 and why Associated Press placed it on their first list of the 'Top Ten International Stories' of the decade.



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A well-researched story based upon a little known true story that generated legal precedents impacting courtrooms to this very day.

The Associated Press declared this story to be one of the top ten newspaper stories of the nineteenth century. Due to the completion of the intercontinental telegraph, this first of it's kind "Trial of the Century", captured the hearts and minds of readers throughout the world in real time. Readers at the time could not satiate their appetite for further chapters as details leaked-out during this sensational trial between fifty-five year old U.S. Senator William Sharon, a silver baron of enormous wealth, and his paramour, twenty-five year old Sarah Althea "Allie" Hill.

As the world chose sides, the primary question needing to be answered was "How can this be about divorce if the parties were never married... or, were they?" The details lie in the legal definition of 'Marriage'. The Court's final verdict from 1888 will set legal precedents for future courts to follow. Indeed, the trial's impact will affect married couple to this very day.

Standard Synopsis will not be provided as it will spoil the enjoyment of this particular read.

Submitted: November 21, 2020
Last Updated: May 3, 2022

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The Writer: Rick Helin

Rick grew up in Kailua, Hawaii. Graduated from San Jose State University and began his writing career while working as a Superior Court Probation Officer. In that capacity, Rick was responsible for interviewing defendants found guilty of felony charges, then preparing an extensive judicial sentencing recommendation for his team of assigned judges. This honed his writing and research skills immensely. Rick took these acquired skills and applied them to a booming mortgage banking market. By substituting rap sheets for credit reports, Rick quickly became the 'Dean of Mortgage Banking' in Northern California, successfully convincing mortgage underwriters to 'sentence' his clients to thirty... Go to bio

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