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Why Goofy Hates Mickey

The Almost Entirely True Story about a down on his luck cartoonist who rebounds from being fired by a major studio. With an unlikely team of misfits, he builds a media empire based upon deception.



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The Unauthorized Mostly True Story
Can only be produced by a company falling under the Disney umbrella of companies.

This 'Unauthorized Mostly True Story' takes place in Hollywood 1928 just when brothers, Walt and Roy Disney, are fired from their animation jobs at Universal Pictures. More importantly, the brothers also lose their right to animate "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit", a cartoon character which made them famous. They are determined to start over by opening their own animation studio, that is, if only they can find the necessary investment capital and a lovable new character to replace Oswald.

Unfortunately, every overture for financial backing is rejected once investors discover 'The Brothers' earlier attempt to become independent ended in bankruptcy court.

This is when they encounter George Geef, and his cocktail waitress girlfriend, Mandie Babitsky. George is a wannabe prize fighter from Chicago who's new in town, a bit insecure yet determined to do whatever it takes to become famous. Mandie is smart, sophisticated, and success driven.

George and Mandie's paths cross several time with the Disneys before they become introduced to each other. We learn of the Disney's delimma. George and Mindy capitalize on the situation by forming a loosly confederated company to pitch the Disneys a viable new paradigm for creating animation. As it turns out, George and Mandie are friends with Gyro Granasky, an electrical engineer from Greece who has been attempting to build a film duplicator which movie studios could use to reproduce copies of films for theatrical distribution. But his machine has a major flaw. It is unusable as a replicator since it generates major distortion and is unsuitable for studio film requirements.

Mandie is intriqued by the machine's shortcoming. She sees it as a viable solution for the Disneys situation. Either the Disneys adopt a new, cheaper way of animated cartoon production, or return home to their parents Missouri farms as another Hollywood reject.

With their backs against the wall and their money running out, the Disney Brothers reluctantly abandon their traditional hand-drawn animation techniques and acquire exclusive licensing rights to Gyro's broken device. With a three-day deadline clock ticking down, friends come together on a secret soundstage to film an abridged version of Buster Keaton's "Steamboat Bill Jr." They deliver their performances perfectly. But will it pass the final test after the results are run through Gyro's primitive motion-capture device which will hopefully convert everything into comical, animated-looking images?

It is an unabashed success.

Our story culminates in the revelation of Disney's clandestine production of "Steamboat Willie", Disney's first successful cartoon generated by technology which went on to spawn an entertainment empire.

Preconceived notions of animation history will be turned on it's head as this longest and best kept secret in Hollywood is finally revealed.

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[This live-action work is an homage to Walt Disney. The author’s intent is for iconic characters to actually portray themselves as they appeared in 1928. Thus, film production will require advanced 3-D modeling (such as Disney’s Medusa or Masquerade Systems) to achieve High Resolution ‘Deepfake’, Face-Swapping effects derived from archival photographs. Due to existing IP rights, film production might also necessitate a company falling under the Disney umbrella. Now is the time for Walt to tell his own imaginary tales as only Walt could tell them, using story-telling tools he could only imagine.]

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Finalist- Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards 2022
Semi-Finalist-Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 2021
Top 15% Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2021
Second Rounder-Austin Film Festival 2020
Top 5% Of All Discoverables-Coverfly 2022
Top 10% Overall-Coverfly 2022
Runner Up-Scriptapalooza 2020
Semifinalist Stockholm Film and Television Festival 2021
Quarter-Finalist-ISA Unique Voices 2021
Quarter-Finalist-Screencraft Comedy 2021
Quarterfinalist Vail Film Festival 2021

Submitted: November 12, 2020
Last Updated: June 8, 2022

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The Writer: Rick Helin

Rick grew up in Kailua, Hawaii. Graduated from San Jose State University and began his writing career while working as a Superior Court Probation Officer. In that capacity, Rick was responsible for interviewing defendants found guilty of felony charges, then preparing an extensive judicial sentencing recommendation for his team of assigned judges. This honed his writing and research skills immensely. Rick took these acquired skills and applied them to a booming mortgage banking market. By substituting rap sheets for credit reports, Rick quickly became the 'Dean of Mortgage Banking' in Northern California, successfully convincing mortgage underwriters to 'sentence' his clients to thirty... Go to bio

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