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A short video of a ghost coming up the stairs and tripping.
The sound of laughter out in the country. Clown cars and pop corn. A perfect setting for a haunting.

"A Haunting We Will Go". The name of a paranormal investigation group. Each week they chose a haunting to investigate. This week among the possible haunts they decide to check out a new housing development out in the countryside of Cloverdale British Columbia. Ghostly siting of clowns have been reported in the new houses. The housing development has been built on the site of a former clown college and circus retirement home. Strange things are happening. The "Haunting" team choose to investigate the home of the Bozomans.

No sooner do they get there than strange things begin to happen. Silly string and popcorn and ghostly clowns on unicycles disappearing into walls and tiny ambulances full of clowns in the basement. Rooms full of silly string and popcorn fill their evening.

When all is done it appears to be a harmless haunting. Or is it?

Submitted: February 12, 2018
Last Updated: February 12, 2018
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The Writer: Dale Gillespie

I have been writing screenplays since 2005, however I wrote my first two in 1973 and then did not write for 32 years. I have been writing pretty steady since 2005. I write in pretty much all genres, or least I will take a wack at them but I like writing Horror and SciFi Short and Features. I have also been working on 3 Anime series. I have been a part of the Entertainment Industry for over 40 years on Stage and in front of and behind the camera. I feel I lend a unique perspective to the screenwriting process becasue I have worked on both sides of the camera. As a Makeup Artist and an Actor. So I know what the actor needs to see in a screenplay. I write because I have to. I need to get the... Go to bio

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