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The Man with a Glove

When a gifted art intern is held captive, she must restore a mysterious Renaissance era painting that has more inside than just paint.



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The story is about a young restorer intern named CLAIRE (20s), who's felt guilty, unworthy of love or belonging since she failed to save her younger brother from drowning. Curiously, she feels trapped within walls or when people get too close -- except when she paints.

Overnight, she finds herself with a broken leg, locked away, and forced to restore a 16th century painting by Titian 'The Man with a Glove'. Her abductor, MRS. FORSTER, is a necromancer who believes that the painting holds the secret to the Fountain of Youth, the ultimate cure for her son STUART (18), who ages abnormally fast and is doomed to an imminent death.

Now, after several missed attempts to escape, Claire grows fond of the dying boy and resolves to get to work. But the more she makes headway, the more the Titian's sitter becomes life-like. She even hears him argue, though confined in the painting, with the ghost of a lady in Renaissance clothes!

Indeed, with her witchcraft, Mrs. Forster has raised her ancestor LADY ANNE from the dead, for the occult knowledge she has of that very Titian's painting. Yet, once revived, Lady Anne takes control. She trades Claire's discoveries for Stuart's life, convinced that the secret is encrypted in the painting.

Meanwhile, Claire's only friend, ALBA, moves heaven and earth to find her with the help of her psychologist. However, she’s tailed by her probation officer who rightly suspects her of keeping doing shady business.

Somehow, their paths converge on the mansion where Claire's prisoner. But the fortuitous reunion takes a fatal turn for some. Protecting the survivors’ escape, Mrs. Forster is unable to survive the epic battle of evil spells. And, as they struggle to get away from Lady Anne’s wicked wrath, Stuart nearly drowns in the swimming pool but for Claire’s quick reaction.

Then, Claire leads Lady Anne to believe that she’s s slashing ‘The Man with a Glove’ painting. But it is only a copy she’s secretly made. The decisive blow makes the spirit waver and gives Claire the opportunity to destroy the ghostly manifestation by swiftly setting her baleful portrait on fire.

Oddly enough, despite the two necromancers' black magic, only Claire's blood can revive the Titian's sitter properly. She turns out to be his last direct descendant, the only one to whom he'll share his secret with!

Ultimately, Claire meets 'The Man with a Glove' in the flesh. It is a stupendous moment where he confides her both his glove and his secret. Driven by love, leading her to surpass herself and brave the danger around the painting, Claire puts the glove on Stuart's hand and watches as the magic within sheds years on him.

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The Man with a Glove ranked Quarter-Finalist in the 2018 Screencraft Horror Contest and the 2020 TSL Free Screenplay Contest. Finalist in the 2019 Pitch Now Screenplay Competition. And, Semi-Finalist in the 2020 Miami Screenplay Contest and the September 2020 Wiki Screenplay Contest.

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Submitted: April 15, 2018
Last Updated: August 27, 2022

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The Writer: Suzanne Lutas

Born in Viet-Nam, Suzanne was raised and studied in France. She earned a BA and a master’s degree in English Literature before teaching English and Art in Tahiti where she still lives. She specializes in strong female protagonists and Thrillers. Be it Action, Sci-Fi or Supernatural, the quest for identity and the sense of belonging are central to her stories. All her scripts placed well in screenwriting contests. Two of them are Winners. Go to bio

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