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Inside The World of Zoe Sander

When a 10 year old dreamer becomes a trendy designer overnight, she must struggle in the cut-throat fashion world, with the help of her working-class mom, and a talking magazine cut-out of her favorite supermodel.



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The Pilot tells how ZOE resolves to make her mom KATE a beautiful dress for an upcoming Christmas party after the seamstress’s daughter EVA BRONSTEIN makes fun of Zoe’s Mom’s clothes and decapitates Zoe’s snowman. Thus, Zoe’s Lily doll convinces her to retrieve some off-cuts from the Bronstein’s garbage bin, but fails to warn her that it is guarded by a vicious dog! Zoe escapes with her life and the fabric and gets to work, with direction from Lily. At the Christmas party, Zoe beams with pride because everyone marvels at her creation, her mom’s dress. But Eva recognizes her own mother’s fabric, and privately takes a picture of the dress, uploading it to social media and taking credit for it

The next day, in her posh New York office, Vibes Magazine Editor-in-Chief AMY SEYMOUR comes across the photo on Instagram and goes nuts for it. She orders her assistant, NELLY COMPTON, to find Eva Bronstein from New Jersey! With the help of her neighbors, foster siblings of different etnic origins, Zoe manages to prove she is the true talent.

When they meet at Vibes, Amy comes up with a plan to have Kate masquerade as the designer of Zoe’s fashion line so they can avoid child labor laws and all make a fortune. Kate rejects the offer, fearing Zoe will be exploited, and storms out, leaving Amy and her team that much more interested in the hot collection they can’t have. Zoe is crushed, but Lily inspires her to keep designing. Later on, amazed at the quality of her daughter’s work, Kate yields.

Vibes’ February Fashion Show provides a showcase for Zoe’s collection. Unable to find her Lily doll, Zoe has a panic attack. Kate leaves her to Nelly baby-sitting while she checks their hotel room. But Nelly locks Zoe up in the bathroom to flirt with the show photographer. Zoe climbs into the air duct above the bathroom and begins to crawl her way to freedom. As Kate wrestles with Nelly, because Zoe is nowhere to be seen, Zoe crashes through the ceiling onto Nelly’s head ! The show is a go and the models walk the catwalk, to a huge reception by a packed house.

Zoe is thrilled to watch her collection from behind the curtain with Lily. But Kate drags Zoe on the runway and reveals that Zoe is the real designer! A hush falls over the crowd, then the room explodes as paparazzi rush the stage. Overwhelmed, Zoe drops her Lily Jules doll and screams in panic, her eyes riveted on the red shoes that crush Lily’s face, then slink toward her and stop. Zoe looks up and gasps. It’s the real LILY JULES, wearing Zoe’s patchwork style! She grabs Zoe’s hand and raises her arm like a champion boxer as a sea of flashbulbs fires in front of them.

Pandemonium. Only the start of a domino effect in the Fashionista world, and among the people in orbit around the Sanders.

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The script was given both a great coverage and a "Consider" by Courtney Miller Jr., an award-winning writer, director, and choreographer.
Mike Disa also gave it a fantastic feedback as one of the 2021 judges in Stage 32 New Voices in Animation Screenwriting Contest, in which the script ranked among the ten Finalists.

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Submitted: February 24, 2017
Last Updated: August 27, 2022

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The Writer: Suzanne Lutas

Born in Viet-Nam, Suzanne was raised and studied in France. She earned a BA and a master’s degree in English Literature before teaching English and Art in Tahiti where she still lives. She specializes in strong female protagonists and Thrillers. Be it Action, Sci-Fi or Supernatural, the quest for identity and the sense of belonging are central to her stories. All her scripts placed well in screenwriting contests. Two of them are Winners. Go to bio

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