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The Queen of Trailer Park Road



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After being expelled from the United States, a trailer park creates a new monarchy, giving rise to a battle for the throne.

Trixie Hart sits in her room with a plastic tiara on her head. She chants to herself about being a true queen, but is continuously interrupted. First, her loud, but kind natured neighbor Lisa is yelling at her husband for leaving the laundry out overnight. Next, Trixie’s conspiracy theory loving father Frank interrupts with the latest information regarding Bigfoot’s whereabouts. Finally, a concerning bang from the kitchen forces Trixie to abandon her meditation and greet the day.

At the same time, neighborhood watch president, Mr. Gonzalez, is eating breakfast with The Generals. The Generals are his five well-trained cats. Nervous neighbor Betty interrupts them. She announces that a Code Indigo has occurred.

In the kitchen, Trixie’s teenage daughter Cassidy-Jane makes breakfast with a bang. Her latest invention-that-might-also-be-a-torture-device is being used to slice bread. Cassidy-Jane and Trixie leave the trailer and Frank stays home. No way he is leaving when lizard people might be running the local government.

As the ladies drive out of the park, they are ambushed by one of The Generals and are led to a growing crowd of trailer parkers. A letter has been attached to the front gate. The letter is from Mayor Chad Vandy who is kicking Trailer Park Road Trailer Park out of the country, effective immediately.

Trixie sees her chance to finally reach her potential and volunteers to lead the trailer park, as they become their own country. She volunteers to be their queen. Despite Mr. Gonzalez’ protests, the trailer parkers accept Trixie as their new leader.

Trixie’s first duty is to meet with Mayor Vandy and finalize the details of the separation. Little does she know, Mr. Gonzalez has sent a spy (in the form of a massive cat) to report back on the meeting.

Overgrown frat boy Mayor Chad Vandy has his own agenda. He tries to convince Trixie that since the trailer park wouldn’t be able to survive on its own, she should sell it to him. Trixie considers the offer; Mayor Vandy sweetens the deal by offering Trixie an extra fifty grand, for herself, to sell. Trixie leaves his office convinced she needs to sell to provide a better life for her family.

Back at the trailer park, Mr. Gonzalez has told the community about Trixie’s plan to sell all their homes to Mayor Vandy. The trailer parkers feel betrayed and shun Trixie. Mr. Gonzalez sees this as his chance to take power for himself.

Frank is perched on the roof, on the look out for Big Foot. Trixie climbs up to join him and get his advice. Frank declares that no matter what Trixie decides, he will not be leaving the trailer park. This is his home. Trixie also seeks advice from Cassidy-Jane, who reminds Trixie that she is a role model to the trailer parkers. Trixie goes to bed feeling lost and confused.

The following morning, Trixie is supposed to be meeting with Mayor Vandy to sign the paper work, but she is convinced by Cassidy-Jane to do the right thing and protect her friends and neighbors.

Trixie marches toward the front gate in her old beauty queen gown. She plays an off-tune song on her old recorded. Curious neighbors start to follow her. From the other side of the trailer park Mr. Gonzalez and his cats also march on the front gate. The two sides meet and a battle of words takes place.

Trixie is able to regain the trust of the people of Trailer Park Road just as Mayor Vandy shows up with the papers to sign. In dramatic beauty queen fashion, Trixie declines his offer and declares Trailer Park Road to be its own kingdom.

Submitted: October 10, 2017
Last Updated: October 10, 2017

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The Writer: Nicole Guttormsen

I was born in a trailer park, the daughter of a truck driver and a dreamer. We never had much, but my mom always made it seem like enough. As I grew older I saw my neighborhood friends turn to drugs, gangs and worse. I, however, had a different plan. I dreamed of playing college softball. I traded doublewide parties for the diamond and was rewarded with an athletic scholarship to a small private school. I was the first person in my family to attend college and I loved being able to work towards my degree while playing the game I loved. But two days before my senior season I tore my ACL, essentially ending my career. Not that many women can make a career playing professional sports anyway. I... Go to bio