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The Stray

When a troubled transgender man discovers an alien hiding in the backyard of his lake cabin, he struggles to protect her from a brutal commander and help her get home.



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Stranded on Earth after the spacecraft lands on a lake island, Tiza Valzer is an alien forced to invade a human body. She fights her slave master, Commander Arkjo, a brutal species, and narrowly escapes. Later, she encounters a troubled transgender man, Evan Dougal, who's staying at his grandmother's cabin, and they instantly develop a mystical connection.

Tiza's human body decays as she struggles with the trauma of her capture. Evan promises to help her contact her home world. Meanwhile, Arkjo recovers in another part of the island and hunts Tiza.

Evan and Tiza hike to the highest point on the island and send a signal using the prisoner cuff Arkjo made her wear. But they don't receive a response right away and decide to wait. On the way back to the cabin, they're surprised to run into the sheriff and his deputy. Dead bodies were found and killed in a way that Tiza recognizes – Arkjo.

Believing that Evan's grandmother is the next victim, they race back to the cabin, only to find Arkjo already there. He kills the deputy, injures the sheriff, and holds both Evan and Tiza hostage.

Arkjo forces Tiza to make the worst choice. He needs evidence that the mission isn't a complete failure so that the elders won't execute him, so he orders her to invade Evan's body. If she doesn't, Arkjo will kill all of them, including Evan's grandmother.

After Tiza reluctantly starts the invasion process, Evan suddenly comes up with a plan to save them all.

Submitted: January 15, 2023
Last Updated: March 13, 2023

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The Writer: Lily Blaze

I write because I can. Screenwriting is my mobility aid to express my creativity and show my craft. I live with disability, but art has no limits. I've lived in four cities, travelled across North America, worked as a computer graphic designer since 1997, and I've been a visual artist all my life. In 2003, I was struck by chronic illness. Things happen. Plans change. My whole life changed. And now I'm a screenwriter. My short To Lucasta is now a beautiful film. I've opted out of the read request for the script, so everyone is free to check it out. The Edge of Infinity, psychedelic dark fantasy feature script recognition: Prisma Semi-finalist Best Feature, Best... Go to bio

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