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Transient Karma



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A beggar who's more than he appears to be gets a lesson in kindness which forces him to reflect on his chosen career.

Harvey is a hit-man disguised as a beggar taking kill orders for money.
An act of kindness makes Harvey rethink a mission as he decides to help a defenseless man.
He is too late to help the young man but watching as he recovers starts Harvey down the path of rethinking his work.
Harvey's next job is a mother with two children, targets of a ruthless power-broker.
He questions the job with his handler who tells him to mind his business and complete the job.
Harvey is spotted by the intended victim as he prowls her house. Instead of trying to run him off, she takes pity on the apparently homeless man and brings him in to care for him.
As he struggles with his work and his conscience, he learns that she is another innocent victim.
Another hit-man arrives to kill the woman and her children.
Harvey takes the new hit-man out and sends the family into hiding.
He then tracks down the thugs who mugged the first kind man.
Harvey watches as the first kind man makes a recovery in the hospital and then he goes to confront his past.
He decides to pay the foul-husband of his intended target a visit and teach the man a lesson in Karma.

Submitted: February 6, 2018
Last Updated: March 10, 2018
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The Writer: Richard Silcox

Currently working full-time as a probation officer in Washington State. I've been screenwriting off and on for about a dozen years with several features and shorts completed. Due to my location, I am always struggling to get constructive feedback. I enjoy reading screenplays and providing feedback myself as I think each read is an opportunity to learn. Go to bio

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