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Julie Downes creates too much drama in her life. A trio consisting of her gay roommate, carousing sister and shy best-friend, come together anonymously to help her out.

JULIE DOWNES is a professional woman. She lives in New York City with her roommate, CHRIS HUGHES, a young, gay man. Julie causes a date to freak out by prematurely professing her love. Julie calls her sister, KELLY DOWNES, for consolation. Kelly likes to play the field. After speaking with Kelly, Julie talks with Chris and his boyfriend, LANNY DAVIS.
Julie meets with DAN FISHER, a coworker. At lunch, she meets with her best friend, GREGG POWELL. After a presentation, an ad campaign goes to her rival, GUY ROCKWELL, but the company CHAIRMAN advises Julie that her presentation was interesting, just overblown. She takes comfort with Kelly and Dan. A flashback shows that Julie could never capture the attention of her father.
Chris’s brother, IAN MADSEN, shows up to visit. Chris decides that Ian should get together with Julie but first, he needs to help Julie sort out her drama issues. Chris calls on Kelly and Gregg to form a plan. With Lanny’s help as a street magician, they will slip 3x5 cards to Julie with daily instructions designed to help her decision making.
The next morning, Julie starts receiving the mystery cards. She reads the cards to herself in the voice of (Morgan Freeman). She decides to play along. The first card advises her to take a day off and wear a specific dress to go get coffee. At the coffee shop, with more cards appearing, she draws the attention of several men, including Dan, who happens to stop in. Another card directs her to the gym workplace of Gregg. While working out with Gregg, Julie has an enjoyable time and he tells her that her new approach “agrees with her.”
A card tells her to meet with Dan and work with him on the updated advertising campaign. Dan likes the idea. Chris reintroduces Julie to Ian. Julie notices that Ian has become quite attractive. Kelly stops by the office and meets Dan in Julie’s office. Julie is instructed to bring Dan to dinner at Kelly’s.
The next day, Chris is preparing a fancy dinner for Julie and Ian when Kelly shows up to apologize. Suddenly, the cards begin giving conflicting information. One card wants Julie to send Kelly home. One card wants Kelly to stay. And one card urges Julie to call Gregg. Kelly begins to connect the cards to her friends that are writing them. She now hears their voices in her head, reading the cards. Julie starts to question the cards.
She meets with Gregg who is concerned about Julie dating Ian and possibly Dan. Julie leaves the door open for Gregg to tell her how he feels about her but Gregg is unable. With Dan, at work, Julie is able to make a great presentation and a request for a follow up pitch with the Chairman. Afterwards, Dan kisses Julie. Julie has to step back. She decides that she needs time to sort everything out. Cards appear that all advise her to break off the relationship with Dan. Julie throws them away and leaves. Dan discovers the cards and believes that Julie wrote them. Kelly has stopped by and now comforts Dan.
Julie meets with Chris and advises him that she is torn between the three men but she is leaning towards Dan. In the meantime, Kelly shows up at Julie’s to talk about Dan and hooks up with Ian. Julie plays golf with Gregg and lets him know about the kiss with Dan. Gregg is upset.
Dan confronts Julie about the cards he found but then advises that he met with Kelly and likes her. Julie is happy about this because she likes them both. Julie goes to talk to Kelly and give her blessing with Dan. She discovers Kelly and Ian sleeping together.
When she returns to the apartment, Gregg and Chris are home. Gregg is upset that it appears Julie is interested in Dan. Chris is now upset that she is not interested in Ian. Gregg accuses Chris of sabotaging Gregg and Julie. Ian arrives to apologize to Julie for sleeping with Kelly which is a relief for Gregg but a disaster for Chris. Ian is mad that Chris didn’t set him up with Kelly in the first place. Kelly then admits that she would like to be with Dan and blames Julie for always taking their father’s attention. Dan arrives to overhear that Kelly slept with Ian and that no one wants him to be with Julie. Dan then confronts Julie about taking their advice and shames them for putting their own needs in front of Julie’s. Julie is very upset at everyone and refused to talk to them. Lanny comes to comfort Julie and tell her that they had their hearts in the right place. Julie decides to forgive them.
The next morning, Chris receives a card advising him to meet with and apologize to Ian, which he does. Ian hands him another card dealing with Lanny.
At work, Guy tries to torment Julie before their final presentation but Julie remains silent, which unnerves Guy. Dan appears and Julie admits that she has lost her voice. Dan starts to panic but Julie assures him that he can to the presentation just fine. They present and the Chairman loves it. Guy is put in his place. Dan thanks Julie for all her help. Julie admits that she hasn’t lost her voice, she just wanted Dan to believe in himself. Julie gives Dan a card asking him to give Kelly a chance.
Kelly finds a stack of cards and Julie’s childhood diary. She reads the diary and learns that their father was never there for either of them. Julie arrives and the two of them forgive each other. Julie leaves as Dan is arriving to speak with Kelly.
Gregg discovers a card at work telling him to go outside. There, Julie is waiting for him. She reads from a card, asking him to hear her out. She admits that she has always liked Gregg but was afraid her drama would drive him away. He continued to stand by her and now that she has conquered her issues, she hopes he will love her. Gregg is able to overcome his fear and finally admits that he loves her.
At the wedding of Chris and Lanny, Ian appears as Chris’s best man. Dan and Kelly are together in the audience as well as Julie and Gregg. Gregg tells Julie that may be them some day, getting married. Julie says not to rush it.

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The Writer: Richard Silcox

Currently working full-time as a probation officer in Washington State. I've been screenwriting off and on for about a dozen years with several features and shorts completed. Due to my location, I am always struggling to get constructive feedback. I enjoy reading screenplays and providing feedback myself as I think each read is an opportunity to learn. Go to bio

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