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We Lived

A family of friends, destined to die, live out their days of the apocalypse until a stranger arrives with an unexpected offer.



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In the aftermath of a catastrophic event, a virus that appeared to target anyone under the age of twenty years and past the age of thirty, the world’s population consists only of those in their third decade. Unable to reproduce and carrying a virus waiting to kill them on their 30th birthday, those left behind create family where they can find it, living a life with a literal expiration date, knowing when,
and how, they will die.

The stalwart Luke, his nurturing wife Amanda, the irreverent Oliver, the melancholy Sadie, and the young and optimistic Nathan have escaped the horror of their pasts and found each other in a world that keeps turning, even after an apocalypse. Each struggle in their own ways, both with the losses they’ve suffered and the certainty of death before them, but are doing all they can to stave off fear, loneliness, and despair together.

A man arrives to their neighborhood heralding an idea, already played out in other communities, of an event, a party, where those in attendance celebrate their lives and what it means to feel alive together one last time...and then taking their own lives before dawn.

The idea captures the imagination of this found family, with some anxious to be able to take back control of their lives and go out on their own terms, and others not so sure, or even outright opposed. The conflict this idea creates threatens to fracture the home they’ve found together, but ultimately, their decisions, and the reasons behind them, are respected. The event, called The Last Stop, goes on, with everyone having made their choices – even if that choice doesn’t come to them until the proverbial last minute. Life goes on for those left behind, carrying on the responsibility to remember those that lived.

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Submitted: July 11, 2021
Last Updated: July 11, 2021

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The Writer: DJ Remark

Daniel "D.J." Remark has been in and out of the indie film scene since 2010 and finally decided to stay in 2018. DJ has produced and directed several award winning short films including Best Director in the Hollywood Gold awards and Best Editor in the Fright Film Competition in Cincinnati, OH. DJ's passion for filmmaking comes from his arts background in middle school and High school where he studied multi-media and digital design and also broadcast TV at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. Go to bio

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