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A young woman must get 100 likes on her pictures to save the man she loves from her psychotic stalker.



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A young woman named Alex awakens to find her husband, Pete, gone. She receives a message on her laptop to play a video and is told by the kidnapper to save Pete's life that she must post 100 photos of herself on her social media accounts and get 100 likes in order to save his life. The rule is, they must be provocative. Photo after photo, Alex decides to go to the local library and is helped by a volunteer, Mike. Mike volunteers to help Alex and invites her to his house. At his house, Mike gets too comfortable and tries to seduce Alex but is turned down. She leaves right away. At a bar, Mike meets a woman and takes her back to his place. The two of them have sex and Mike kills her.

Back home, Alex takes more photos of herself while Mike stands outside the window. The neighbor lady spots Mike and alerts him she is going to call the police. With no hesitations, Mike kills her. Alex gets a bad feeling someone is in the house and is taken, hostage. Mike takes Alex down memory lane and reminds her of what she did to a teenage boy. Mike turns out to be the boy. He instructs her to go ahead with taking the pictures, and to get undressed. Alex runs off and hides before the pictures can get one last like. Alex takes the neighbor's car and speeds off before Mike can get to her. Alex makes it to a local supermarket and calls Mike. She instructs him to meet her at a bar.

At the bar, Mike shows up and meets bikers that turn out to be Alex's backup. The bartender tells Alex to leave and the bikers take Mike into an alley. They break his arm and leg. Alex returns home and thinks about the clue that Mike told her that Pete is not far away but in the garage attic. The couple reunites and Alex announces that she is three weeks pregnant. Pete decides that they need to move. Mike recovers from his injuries and pursues his revenge on Alex. While Pete is out, Mike takes him hostage. The two men make it back to the hotel room but Mike is shot and killed by Alex. Alex later reveals that she is expecting twins.

Months later, Alex gives birth to a boy and a girl. Naming them Nico and Nora. Things start to calm down until Mike's sister Laurie shows up at the couple's front door, and takes Pete hostage. Laurie is later arrested and locked up. Alex visits Laurie and starts to become her friend. Word gets back to Alex that Laurie has died in prison.

Alex starts a business in baby clothes, and without asking first, Pete advertises the product to someone. Feeling angry and betrayed, Alex gives Pete a cold shoulder of silence. Pete is on his way home one night when he is shot in the head but does not die. Pete recovers and the couple reconciles.

The twins are twelve years old. Nico is quiet and sweet while Nora is rebellious. One day, Nora is caught smoking and is grounded by Pete. A short time later, Nora attends the father and daughter dance with Pete. Later, Nora is asked to a school dance by a nerdy kid that she wants nothing to do with until he shows up at her front door, looking handsome. Nora has a change of heart and goes with him after all.

The couple goes to sleep and feels no need to worry about tomorrow but to live the rest of their lives happily together.
Now grown, Nico and Nora have lives of their own and are both expecting. Alex and Pete have passed away but leave their morals to the twin sister and brother. Now with their family complete and at peace.

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Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival Award Winner 2022

Submitted: August 31, 2021
Last Updated: May 4, 2022

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