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A Long Awaited Day

Seventy years after being torn apart from losing a loved one in WW2, two generations of a family must unite to fight the government to bring him home. Based on a true story.



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Cliff Kent is an American businessman who locates downed aircrafts as a hobby. One time, during a mission in India, he locates the remains of an airplane from WW II. The discovery and the information gained on the terrain are transferred to the JPAC, a joint task force whose mission is to account Americans who are listed POW or MIA as a result of the wars.

JPAC doesn’t make progress on the case, but a devoted descendant of one of the soldiers that went missing in the war breaks the information to the family members of the other soldiers that went on a mission in Asia.

Among them is Meredith, whose husband’s uncle was on the airplane; Eugene Oxford went on a mission and never returned home. After decades of waiting, the Oxford family would now have a closure.

Therefore, Meredith decides to reach out to Eugene’s brother, Fred, who is now in his nineties. Alongside her daughter Molly, Meredith tells Fred about the American businessman’s discovery. Fred is overwhelmed; he would spend the last days in peace when the remains of Eugene’s body would return to his hometown.

But Fred is not the only living member of the Oxford family who had a strong bond with Eugene. Meredith and Molly learn about Susan, Eugene’s significant other. The descendants are surprised about Susan’s existence, as no one ever mentioned her.

They pay her a visit; as Susan starts reminiscing, the story unfolds. It goes back to 1941; she is in her twenties when she accidentally meets Eugene. They soon fall in love, as Eugene is caring and kind-hearted. However, when they receive a call for enlisting, Eugene needs to be sent away on a mission. His only wish is for Susan to wait for him until he returns.

The story goes back to present time. JPAC still doesn’t make progress on the case, and the remains of the missing soldiers are yet to arrive at the US. The case attracts the attention of the media, and soon, the persons of influence decide to delve deeper into JPAC’s workflow and expose its errors.

In the meantime, the story transcends to the time of Eugene’s final mission and the events that follow to the catastrophe. When the past memories conclude, Eugene’s remains are verified in March 2017; he is back home after seventy years.

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Screencraft True Story & Public Domain quarterfinalist; winner of 2019 Women Who Write in Film Screenplay Competition; semi-finalist at Flickers' Rhode Island Film Festival Screenplay Competition; Circus Road Screenplay Contest finalist.

Submitted: October 2, 2020
Last Updated: November 11, 2021

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The Writer: Mary Kate Allen

Mary Kate Allen graduated with a B.S. in Journalism from Georgia Southern University. The former newspaper editor left writing temporarily to work at an aerospace corporation. Since taking up the figurative pen again, she has won Content Creators of Atlanta's Best Feature Screenplay as well as Best Screenplay at the Women Who Write in Film Screenplay Contest. Allen was also a ScreenCraft semi-finalist. She has also been added to the TVWriter.com List of Recommended Screenwriters. Her feature and television screenplays have been finalists and official selections in multiple festivals. She currently resides in Georgia. Go to bio

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