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When two young women with disabilities suddenly develop unique super-human gifts they keep this crazy fact a secret while they figure out what happened and how to monetize it.



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What would you do if you suddenly discovered you had superhuman powers? Join a ready-made group of crime fighters? Battle a super-villain? Save a baby? That only happens in the movies. There really is no wronged-by-the-world, evil-doer threatening to take over the world. You'd be on your own, trying to figure it out. Who would you tell? How would they react? What might they want from you? And what if you don't even want these damned abilities?

This one-hour, comedy-drama follows two young women struggling with just those questions.

GRACIE (19) has cerebral palsy and uses a forearm crutch for mobility. She just wants to blend, be like everybody else, get her degree, and get a job. But college throws her into the deep end. No more hand holding -- she's on her own.

Childhood friend SHAY (19) is her polar opposite. Ever since Shay lost most of her vision as a child she's been fighting for her place in the world. Life is unfair, she resents being ignored or forgotten, and she especially resents being pitied.

Gracie and Shay both contract a common virus which, for unknown reasons, has a profound effect on them physically: super-speed for Gracie, and infrared vision for Shay.

But super-powers don't always make for super-heroes. Gracie would rather ignore this new development and concentrate on her studies. Shay just sees the opportunity to monetize this shit.

In real life there are no morally superior superheroes or wickedly evil super-villains. ABILITIES is about people in extraordinary circumstances navigating their far-from-ordinary new lives.

The pdf is a 6 pg bible.

Submitted: June 10, 2020
Last Updated: April 4, 2022

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The Writer: Dawn Johnston

I'm a Canadian screenwriter who specializes in drama, dramedy and elevated sci-fi exploring contemporary themes. My short script GOODBYE TODAY was produced and another short, LET’S TALK ABOUT KANT, (found on Script Revolution) is currently in post-production in the UK with director Michael Das. My feature script MOTHER was a Nicholl Fellowship quarter-finalist and I am developing a modern adaptation of a classic book with director/producer Barnet Bain (WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, MILTON'S SECRET). My most recent script is the sci-fi dramatic thriller THE JANUS. I'm repped by John Ferraro. Check out my website for more info. I also welcome feedback on my scripts. Feel free to DM. Thanks! Go to bio
Manager: John Ferraro

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