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The day of his sister's wedding, a paleontologist risks life and limb to make amends with family, after a series of natural disasters wake giant-sized prehistoric bears from centuries of hibernation within an active volcano.

Matt, a world-traveling paleontologist, returns home to assist with his sister’s wedding at Mount Shasta. Despite a strained relationship with his family, together with Wes, his friend and wedding photographer, he abandons the venue after it’s destroyed by tremors and an attacking pack of massive prehistoric bears.

Most distraught over this loss is maid-of-honor, Vanessa, whose romantic history with Matt is beyond complicated. Reluctantly she joins them, along with a mysterious wedding crasher, to insure the safety of the bride, Christy. Their dedication is put to the test when their only route is clogged with traffic and put in jeopardy by a tremor triggered avalanche. Although Matt successfully navigates through, the wedding crasher is crushed following a disappointing rescue.

When the gang arrives at Christy’s hotel, none are thrilled to see Matt, including his mother. Furious over Matt’s involvement, Christy’s fiancé picks a fight that results in his demise during another bear attack. Stepping between the bear and the window to the group’s escape, Matt holds it off. In deciding their next move, Matt learns his father has returned to the family cabin on the other side of the mountain and chooses to save him.

On the way, they discover a group of scouts trapped in a river by volcanic lava and make a detour to save them. Once the children are safe, a bear attacks, but is unsuccessful in its assault, however more seismic activity results in the death of the scouts’ leader. Further up the road bears pursue their vehicle in a high speed chase, but ultimately fall back. While the group sustains minimal injury, they're forced to abandon the car, proceeding on foot to a local shop for supplies.

Matt’s conversation with the owner leads him to steal his “doomsday prepper” RV for the remainder of their trip. It evades a heavy flow of lava which pursues them through the streets of town and delivers them to the cabin. Their reunion with their father is cut short when the volcano’s magma oozes down the hill, corralling them into a doomsday bunker which barely survives under the pressure and heat. Emerging from safety, they travel to a neighbor’s hangar for the weapons necessary to protect themselves. Here, Matt reconciles with his mother and his father develops a plan to end the “bearcano”.

Together with Vanessa, Matt’s father flies a private plane over the volcano so she can fire a rocket launcher into its sides, collapsing them. They cave in two large portions of the mountain before a burst of lava blows an engine, knocking Vanessa from the plane. On the ground, the remainder of the group fights a pack of bears with a series of weapons. Wes is the only casualty, leading the others to seek better refuge at a nearby resort. Witnessing the plane crash, Matt leaves his family behind to attempt a rescue. He pulls his father from the wreck and drives an ATV strapped with explosives into the last remaining side of the mountain.

It's a success, but Matt faces off against the last remaining bear after it surprises his family and swallows his sister. In a final battle, Matt cuts the animal open and removes an unconscious Christy and Vanessa.

Submitted: May 8, 2018
Last Updated: May 8, 2018

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The Writer: Bradford N. Smith

Bradford's professional experience as a screenwriter includes a college internship in development at The Mark Gordon Company , recognition by a few of the industry’s leading festivals — a Cinequest Top 4 finalist, Atlanta Film Festival finalist, Amazon Studios “Notable Project”, three ScreenCraft semifinalists, plus several other competition semi- and quarter-finalists - Multiple award-winning short films (written and produced by) with screenings across the globe - including at San Diego Comic Con , Dances with Films and the Blue Whale Comedy Festival - And, at the end of last year, optioning a feature romantic comedy, with an award-winning director attached. Go to bio

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