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Between Floors

An earthquake traps six strangers in the middle of a murder mystery fraught with disaster when their elevator is wedged between two floors.



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Jarring an elevator into a near free-fall, an earthquake traps six strangers between floors in a downtown skyscraper. Composing themselves from the trauma, the group is further jolted when one of them is discovered murdered.

As accusations fly, they quickly work at ruling one another out until a hidden recording device directs the blame towards a covert operation, bringing some innocence into question. Before the investigation gets underway, however, they’re interrupted by the arrival of an unseen, and possibly unwelcome, savior who becomes the second victim in this bizarre situation.

Together, they loot the second victim, nearly escaping to the safety of the cabin before the rooftop killer makes their return. This new evidence again incriminates a member of their party and escalates tensions to a boiling point. As backgrounds are brought to light, hostility settles and a plan is devised to seek rescue. The decision over who should go is hastily determined, but as the elevator shifts upon the first member’s departure, the arrangement is altered.

While the others are left to wait for their recovery, another passenger is lost, as she succumbs to a terminal ailment only moments before the return of their friend, along with an unknown badass, with the heat on her tail. With only moments to explain, they soon find their cabin under fire from federal agents, hellbent on acquiring their assets. Their lives already in danger, they further risk it all by agitating the cabin far enough down the shaft to pry open the lower floor.

Immediately, their new acquaintance leaves the group to fend for themselves, resulting in the near loss of another passenger as the elevator loosens enough to drop the remaining floors. As they finally breath a sigh of relief, however, the federal agents quickly apprehend them in order to bring their prey back into their hands. When the plan works, a true identity is revealed and the surviving passengers are forced to choose a side and act quickly. The resulting shootout leaves them in the hands of a rogue assassin, intent on reuniting their family.

Submitted: March 29, 2018
Last Updated: March 29, 2018

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The Writer: Bradford N. Smith

Bradford's professional experience as a screenwriter includes a college internship in development at The Mark Gordon Company , recognition by a few of the industry’s leading festivals — a Cinequest Top 4 finalist, Atlanta Film Festival finalist, Amazon Studios “Notable Project”, three ScreenCraft semifinalists, plus several other competition semi- and quarter-finalists - Multiple award-winning short films (written and produced by) with screenings across the globe - including at San Diego Comic Con , Dances with Films and the Blue Whale Comedy Festival - And, at the end of last year, optioning a feature romantic comedy, with an award-winning director attached. Go to bio

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