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Three senior women thwart a pirate hijacking aboard a luxury cruise ship.... imagine "Captain Phillips" starring "The Golden Girls".

Receiving a cancer diagnosis, FRANCES invites her sister, KAYE, and sister-in-law, IDA on a cruise but is disappointed when the women, along with Kaye’s husband ROBERT, insist on staying in. The next day, Frances meets the ship’s captain, GORDON, accepting a dinner invitation on behalf of her family which sparks criticism by Kaye, weary of the captain’s intentions.

Early the following morning, as Frances and Kaye continue to bicker, the women get lost on their way to the spa and have to hide when Ida spots pirates approaching. The alarm yet to sound, they head to the bridge to activate it, but must hide again when the captain leads the pirates in. Horrified, Frances watches them destroy the equipment and possibly shoot the captain. Though Kaye's ready to return to their room, Frances and Ida find directions to another alarm and convince her to continue.

In the ship's corridors, the women discover a bellhop, TRACY. Knowing the layout of the ship, he leads them on the quickest route to the engine room where they face off against two pirates and Kaye is grazed by a bullet.

A quick detour to the medical bay, gives Frances and Ida the opportunity to extract information from a pirate hostage who renders their plan obsolete. Instead they target another engine room entrance, with a zip-line across the ship their best mode of transportation. Pirates are alerted when Kaye gets stuck on the line, but they again come out of the scuffle on top. And after inhaling cocaine during the fight, the women breeze through the pirates guarding the engine room, only to find the alarm destroyed and to be captured.

In the hands of pirates, they find the captain alive and are forced into a ransom video before the captain reveals his active participation in the hijacking and the millions he stands to gain. On their way to a holding cell, Tracy fights the guards and falls overboard. Unwilling to let his sacrifice go to waste, the women escape to the library where Ida spots a ship on the horizon, sending them to the deck to fire a flare. Awaiting rescue, the three are shocked to learn they signaled the pirate mothership and end up in captivity once more.

Tied up this time, the women are confronted by an insurance company CEO, DON, the hijacking’s financier. Unveiling his plot and concern over the handling of the operation, he kills the captain and leaves them with contracts he expects signed before they too are killed. Death in sight, Frances finally discloses her health issues, making amends with her sister. A new plan is formulated to rescue the hostages and take the ship by force after Tracy returns to free them. Once in action, Kaye is distracted when she finds Robert, urging her not to get involved.

Believing they need them alive to collect the ransom, Frances leads a charge against the pirates. Don demands they shoot to kill, but before his message can be relayed, the Navy descends upon the ship. Don nearly evades capture, taking Ida hostage and demanding a helicopter, until she disarms him with her special abilities.

Back on dry land, Frances undergoes treatment, Ida by her side, while Kaye’s newfound adventurous spirit leads her to book them another trip.

Submitted: June 6, 2018
Last Updated: June 6, 2018

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The Writer: Bradford N. Smith

Bradford's professional experience as a screenwriter includes a college internship in development at The Mark Gordon Company , recognition by a few of the industry’s leading festivals — a Cinequest Top 4 finalist, Atlanta Film Festival finalist, Amazon Studios “Notable Project”, three ScreenCraft semifinalists, plus several other competition semi- and quarter-finalists - Multiple award-winning short films (written and produced by) with screenings across the globe - including at San Diego Comic Con , Dances with Films and the Blue Whale Comedy Festival - And, at the end of last year, optioning a feature romantic comedy, with an award-winning director attached. Go to bio

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