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Eddie joyrides to escape the rust-belt dead-end of 1975's Detroit, but he's soon over his head when he becomes a heist gang's getaway driver.

An homage to the 70's Car Chase / Caper film. Set in 1975.

Eddie boosts cars. Not for money, but for the thrill. He's been doing it since he was fourteen. After ten years and a few times in juvenile hall, his next ride will change his life forever.

A crew just heisted a bank. They're smart and organized. This job was supposed to be easy; Thursday afternoon, right after the reserve truck drops off their cash supply for the weekend. But, a missed turn and a telephone pole have left them high and dry without a getaway car, or their driver.

Desperate to escape, they hijack the first guy that comes along; Eddie. At gunpoint, he deftly evades police pursuit. Now, the crew has to decide what to do with him. Kill him? Let him go? But, Eddie has another option. He wants to join.

Driving the getaway car was the most intense thrill he's ever had. He wants more. The gang takes him to an abandoned warehouse where they've established a hideout while they plot their big take. Eddie makes an impression on Carl, the crew's wheelchair bound mastermind. He likes this kid and hires him for their next job.

Eddie is now their wheelman.

Is Eddie in over his head as the heist gang works on their next jobs building up to something much bigger than he could imagine? Eddie also has to come to grips with his relationship with his ex-con father and Lizzy, his long-time girlfriend and their plans to be together.

Not only is there the cops to deal with, but the mob wants a piece of their action and someone is hunting down members of the gang and trying to cash them out before they can get their biggest score.

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Originally optioned by Ridgerock Entertainment (Black Mass).

Submitted: February 5, 2018
Last Updated: October 25, 2019

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The Writer: J.C. Young

Kentuckian - born and bred. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and English from WKU. Written over a dozen feature-length screenplays and TV Pilots. Three have been optioned including Cementville, which was originally green-lit by DIMI Entertainment. The scripts listed here are all available. Scarlet Seas was on the Top 10 for four weeks! I have spec scripts available, but am also available for re-writes or adaptation work. (Writer.JCYoung ) Also, Scarlet Seas advanced to the Quarterfinals of the Nashville Film Festival Screenplay and the 2017 Storypros International Screenplay contest. Go to bio
Manager: Joe Florance - Circle of 10

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