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Father and daughter hunters pursue a fugitive vampire to the New World; her blood-thirst unleashed when pirates plunder the ship ferrying her coffin.

The story opens at the climax of a classic gothic horror story as intrepid vampire hunters Hans Von Illsbrook, his daughter Alana and their assistants infiltrate the castle of the murderous Lady Scarlet Dragunov. She is a monstrous vampire who stalks the remote villages of Romania and feeds on the terrified populace.

Scarlet evades her pursuers and desperately flees to the New World. But, her charted ship never arrives.

A band of vicious pirates, led by the white-haired Captain Frost seizes the vessel - taking everything, including Scarlet's coffin.

When she awakens aboard the pirate vessel, her fury is merciless and quick. She wrests control of Frost's ship after feeding on his pirate crew and converts many others into her vampire servants.

But, food is not all she wants. Scarlet has decided being in the New World, she can establish herself in a position of power.

Knowing she will cause misery and death wherever she goes, Illsbrook charters his own ship to hunt the creature, who now preys on island settlements and innocent passing ships with her crew of beastly vampires. Scarlet soon enlists more pirates to lay siege to a Spanish colony.

Once conquered, she makes it her new home from which to set her minions loose on the Caribbean.

Attacked by Scarlet's crew, the hunters are rescued by a Spanish warship. The ship was sailing to free the colony, but they do not heed warnings of what awaits. Soon, the Spaniards are fighting for their lives as the pirates and vampires attack. Working together, the hunters and the Spanish captain devise a plan for freeing the colony and rescuing her kidnapped father.

But, it will take more than a warship to stop the unholy creatures that stalk the islands.

As they fight to free the colonists, Alana realizes the possibility that she may have to kill her own father to stop the vampires. In the final confrontation, the hunters must overcome Scarlet and her minions before she can once again escape and threaten the entire Caribbean.

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"...a rousing good tale full of blood and swash. The story nicely combines the vampire myth with pirates on the bounding main. Damn good stuff." - Talentville Reviewer

"I picked up your script to review mainly because of the premise – vampires and pirates on the high seas. Sounded like an entertaining, action-packed adventure and you didn’t disappoint me on those counts. I really enjoyed the read. Your writing style is very engaging." - Talentville Reviewer

"You took the well worn vampire genre, and put a totally original spin on it. The result was a real page turner." - Talentville Reviewer

"If you're looking for horror, sea battles, sword fights, and romance in the tradition of old Hammer Studios, this is a bloody good tale for you." - Talentville Reviewer

"Scarlet Seas jumps right into the action early, and doesn't have any moments where it lets up. This screenplay has all that an avid fan of the genre would enjoy." - Talentville Reviewer

"This vampire doesn't suck!" - Talentville Reviewer

Scarlet Seas was a Top 10 Script for 4 weeks.
Scarlet Seas was a quarterfinalist at the Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Contest
Scarlet Seas was a quarterfinalist at the StoryPros International Screenplay Contest (

Submitted: February 5, 2018
Last Updated: September 29, 2020

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The Writer: J.C. Young

Kentuckian - born and bred. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and English from WKU. Written over a dozen feature-length screenplays and TV Pilots. Three have been optioned including Cementville, which was originally green-lit by DIMI Entertainment. The scripts listed here are all available. Scarlet Seas was on the Top 10 for four weeks! I have spec scripts available, but am also available for re-writes or adaptation work. (Writer.JCYoung ) Also, Scarlet Seas advanced to the Quarterfinals of the Nashville Film Festival Screenplay and the 2017 Storypros International Screenplay contest. Go to bio
Manager: Joe Florance - Circle of 10

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