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Chasing The Dead, by Joe Schreiber
A woman is forced to travel a twisted route through a freak snow storm, and her own haunted past, in order to save her kidnapped daughter from an unstoppable supernatural murderer.

“Chasing The Dead” combines the haunting, supernatural themes found in the works of Stephen King with the non-stop, pulse pounding fear elements of films like “30 Days Of Night”.

Chasing the Dead was adapted into a comic book and published and distributed by IDW as a four-part series. It was so well reviewed that IDW subsequently released it as a graphic novel.

Six months after the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Sue Young is still picking up the pieces and trying to make a life for her baby daughter, Lily.

One night, Sue receives a terrifying call from a stranger who knows her darkest secret – that she and her boyfriend killed and buried a psychopathic child murder when they were teenagers – and who has just kidnapped Lily from inside Sue’s own home!

The caller tells Sue that she must drive a very specific route through several abandoned New England towns and arrive at White’s Cove before sunrise or he will kill Lily.

Along the way, he sets horrible tasks for Sue to complete, the first of which is to dig up the body of the child murderer she buried a decade earlier.

As Sue drives through the stormy night, she encounters a Detective who knows both the identity of the caller, and the larger stakes for Sue and Lily if she completes the kidnapper’s tasks.

When Sue confronts the kidnapper with her knowledge of his own past, the man eventually reveals his supernatural and truly horrific plan – to reanimate the body of the dead killer.

But the caller’s plan is deeper and more sinister than Sue can fathom, and things other than her past will come back to haunt her before her journey is complete.

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The Writer: Tim Westland

I'm an award winning writer, with multiple feature and short scripts placing highly in Page, Screencraft, BlueCat and other well respected competitions. I'm an avid collaborator and play well with other writers. Below is a small sample of my work. Saluda Genre: Drama Retribution for a major drug bust leads to a bus full of school kids at the bottom of a lake. Now the local sheriff must discover who is responsible; the Mexican Cartel, a corrupt Governor, or his own kin. 2018 Screencraft Drama Semi-Finalist 2017 Screencraft Drama Semi-Finalist 2016 Screencraft Fellowship Semi-Finalist From The Depths Genre: Sci-Fi / Action / Thriller Remember the final confrontation in Jaws, where it's the... Go to bio

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