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Two weeks after a major drug bust in Saluda, a bus full of local junior high kids ends up at the bottom of a lake. Now a small town sheriff must discover who is responsible for the massacre… the Mexican Cartel, a corrupt Governor, or his own kin.

“Saluda” opens with a drug bust in a trailer park on the outskirts of town. Two million in Cartel cocaine seized, and rumors swirling about who the rat could be.

At the same time, the Governor’s drug addict wife checks herself out of rehab and is soon found dead from a “hot dose.”

Two events, seemingly unrelated, like stones thrown into opposite sides of a lake. But the ripples from each will crash against the people of Saluda, resulting in a terrible, tragic loss even this town will be struggle to deal with.

With Chief of Police Brandon Stokes and FBI Agent Deandrea Gibbs at the helm, SALUDA follows a medium-sized, ensemble cast of characters as they come to grips with the unimaginable deaths of ten middle school students whose bus disappears on an afternoon field trip, only to be found at the bottom of a lake a day later.

When the bus driver is found shot in the head, what appeared to be a tragic accident soon becomes a homicide investigation. And when an extra body is found on the bus, the cause of the tragedy takes on a more sinister aspect. For the body is that of a young woman named Ruby Darling, the one person who can tie the drug bust to the Governor’s dead wife.

Despite dash cam video which records the events leading up to the accident, both Chief Stokes and Agent Gibbs struggle to determine a motive and catch the killer.

This story, much like the town itself, weaves together the lives, loves, sins and kinships of its characters – pulling the audience into the real life crossroads of small town America.

It seems everyone has ties to either the children at the bottom of the lake or the crime that sent them to their death. And one thing is certain: every answer begins with Ruby Darling.

Saluda is a 2016 ScreenCraft Fellowship Semi-finalist.

Submitted: October 14, 2016
Last Updated: June 4, 2018

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The Writer: Tim Westland

I'm an award winning writer, with multiple feature and short scripts placing highly in Page, Screencraft, BlueCat and other well respected competitions. I'm an avid collaborator and play well with other writers. Below is a small sample of my work. Saluda Genre: Drama Retribution for a major drug bust leads to a bus full of school kids at the bottom of a lake. Now the local sheriff must discover who is responsible; the Mexican Cartel, a corrupt Governor, or his own kin. 2018 Screencraft Drama Semi-Finalist 2017 Screencraft Drama Semi-Finalist 2016 Screencraft Fellowship Semi-Finalist From The Depths Genre: Sci-Fi / Action / Thriller Remember the final confrontation in Jaws, where it's the... Go to bio

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