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A struggling writer reluctantly accepts a job at a porn magazine. When people begin reading the magazine “for her articles”, a rival magazine publisher schemes to expose her and ruin her career.

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A struggling writer reluctantly accepts a job at a porn magazine.
When people begin reading the magazine “for her articles”,
a rival magazine publisher schemes to expose her and ruin her career.

Aspiring writer, Molly Cadillac, has scored the job interview of her dreams.  Though she’s barely inside the prestigious Lily Park offices before she finds herself on the wrong side of its resident Machiavelli, Victoria Munro.  Finding a window in her schedule, Victoria promptly decides to sabotage Molly’s chances of success.  Because, well, that's what Victoria does best.

A dejected Molly returns to the suburbs, determined to find a way to get her articles published.  It’s a chance encounter with her boyfriend’s porn stash that leads Molly to the offices of Bennet Joy, editor-in-chief of adult magazine Primed.  Bennet takes a shine to Molly and offers her a job filling the white space between centre-folds with low rent erotica.  With bills to pay and a surrogate family to provide for, Molly accepts; quickly learning to navigate the world of Primed and its eccentric assortment of porn industry lifers.

And here is why the door is red and
we have so many rules. Molly, 
meet Martin, our resident cartoonist 
and human resources nightmare.

When Bennet promotes Molly to Story Editor she sees an opportunity to get her musings into print.  Even if it is under a pseudonym and sandwiched between the coconut-oiled offerings of Mona, Montage and Taffy...

And when Molly’s articles prove an unexpected hit, Primed finds itself thrust into the limelight.  Much to the envy of its high-brow rivals and the ever scheming Victoria who has her own ideas about Molly’s literary future...

Johnny Robbins and Tim Westland’s pilot episode For The Articles finds its fish out of water, Molly Cadillac, caught between the cutthroat ego and insecurity of the literary elite and the colorful characters doomed to anonymity in the basement world of adult glossies.  With its snappy dialogue and offbeat characters For The Articles sets Molly on course for a series of misadventures in life, love and pornography.  A fast moving and memorable 49 pages with the promise of more to come.  Read and enjoy.

Review by Steve Miles

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The Writer: Tim Westland

Howdy... my name is Tim Westland. I am an award winning writer, with multiple feature and short scripts placing highly in Page, Screencraft, BlueCat and other well respected competitions. Several of my short scripts have been produced, most recently “For The Love of God”, a topical LGBT-friendly story about a priest who experiences a crisis of faith. My feature, "OBeast", co-written with the incredible Rod Thompson, is a 2016 Screencraft Top Ten Finalist! You can read it at the link below! I am also the co-author (with Matt Scott) of the comic book (and screenplay) adaptation of Joe Schreiber’s horror novel, “Chasing The Dead”. Published by IDW as a four-part series, it was so well... Go to bio

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