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A weekend hunting trip turns into a monster filled shit storm when five Iraq War Vets clash with an insane hillbilly imbued with supernatural powers. As the men battle for their lives against an army of reanimated road-kill taxidermy monsters, they discover the true danger isn't the crazy bastard on their asses - but the ancient evil lurking nearby. (Co-written with Rod Thompson)

Five Iraq War Vets on a weekend hunting trip in the Ozarks encounter Earl, a backwoods hillbilly, and his daughter, Sesame. Earl’s house and land are populated by a menagerie of nightmarish taxidermy creatures. Think Jackalope… but from the mind of Freddy Krueger. One Vet, Carl, offends Earl and is sucker punched by the crazy dude. Not wanting to cause an incident with the locals, the men hurry off to their camp site.

During the night, Sesame – in reality a kidnapped girl destined for an unholy sacrifice - escapes and runs into the forest. The next morning, Carl, still drunk from the previous night, mistakes her for a deer and accidentally shoots her.

While the Vets rush to help her, Earl tracks her path and finds a pool of her blood… and then the shit hits the fan… as we discover that Earl is far more than he seems.

Imbued by an unseen evil Entity with the ability to breath life into his Frankenstein creations, he sets an army of them loose to kill the hunters, consume their life force and return Sesame to his clutches.

Meanwhile, two of the Vets take Sesame to the local hospital. Once there, they must convince the local Sheriff and his bad-ass female Deputy, Erica Lane, that the shooting was an accident.

Back in the forest, Zion (our Hero), Sean and Craig are attacked by Earl’s furry Army of the Damned and are split up. The first to go down is Craig… and he’s soon sacrificed by Earl.

Which is when the police rush in. Earl greets them with guns blazing and his creatures attacking kamikaze style.

Ultimately, Earl is killed - but not before he transfers his life force into his biggest and baddest monster yet: a combination Grizzly Bear, Stag head, and the arms and antlers of a dozen creatures – including human victims!

Mayhem ensues and the Bear-Thing (with the help of the freakish creatures) winnow the survivors to just two - Zion and Deputy Lane.

On the run, the duo find an entrance to what appears to be a forgotten mine. They quickly discover that the source of Earl’s power, an Ancient God cast down before the time of Man, still dwells in this dismal cavern.

Possessed by the deity, Deputy Lane offers Zion eternal life if he submits. Zion refuses – and faces the Bear-Thing’s wrath. A vicious fight ensues, but ends well for Zion. The Bear Thing plummets to its death down a bottomless pit. Battling off even weirder creatures, Zion discovers a cache of dynamite in the mine shaft and sets it ablaze - collapsing the structure and sealing off the evil Entity forever. So it seems…

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Screencraft coverage scored “The Stitcher” 135/150

BlueCat coverage said, “This screenplay has exceptional production potential and market appeal.”

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The Writer: Tim Westland

Howdy... my name is Tim Westland. I am an award winning writer, with multiple feature and short scripts placing highly in Page, Screencraft, BlueCat and other well respected competitions. Several of my short scripts have been produced, most recently “For The Love of God”, a topical LGBT-friendly story about a priest who experiences a crisis of faith. My feature, "OBeast", co-written with the incredible Rod Thompson, is a 2016 Screencraft Top Ten Finalist! You can read it at the link below! I am also the co-author (with Matt Scott) of the comic book (and screenplay) adaptation of Joe Schreiber’s horror novel, “Chasing The Dead”. Published by IDW as a four-part series, it was so well... Go to bio

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