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Crisis? What Crisis

When having a mid-life crisis, Martin returns to the happy place of his childhood, that is now awash with drugs, murder, mistaken identity and children's poems



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When men reach a certain age and have a mid-life crisis, many of them have their heads shaved, get a tattoo or return to the place they were at their happiest. Martin Thurgood, on his 50th birthday did all of these.

Leaving behind a loveless marriage, with a son who was probably not even his, he leaves his job in a supermarket for a new life as a writer of children's poems. Faking a car accident, he wakes up in hospital speaking only Italian. Dr.Stukeley who treats him sees the possibilities of fame and recognition through treating Martin's unusual condition, but before he can, Martin disappears.

The small coastal town had seen better days. Once a thriving holiday destination where families flocked to, it is now rundown and rampent with unemployment. To make ends meet, locals Gareth, Doogie, Ruby and Lucas, grow rows of canniabis plants in an old neglected caravan site. Using a sandwich making and delivery service as cover, they make a fortune, but find themselves out of their depth when trying to go 'international'. This has dire consequences and they must take drastic measures to protect themselves.

Suspicions are aroused when a stranger turns up at the local pub claiming to be a writer. Martin, now clean shaven, short hair and with a tattoo looks like a gangster, so the cannabis gang decide to test him out and invite him to a writers club meeting. Their suspicions and paranoia only increase when Martin reads out his children's poem, The Elbow Licking Contest.

Quietly watching all this unfold are a psychotic old couple, looking for their foreign nephew who disappeared after hitting upon the gang. With the help of a bent copper, they are determined to solve his disappearance.
Finally, they get a break when Dr. Stukeley turns up looking for Martin, who he describes as talking with a foreign accent.

The gang decide to do away with Martin and they follow him to the caravan site where Martin spent his happy childhood on holiday. With the help of a 12-bore shotgun, Lucas nudges Martin over a cliff. Thinking he is dead, they celebrate, but Martin survives and ends up back at the pub where Val the barmaid takes him in.

Larkin the bent cop, finally figures out what happened to the old couple's nephew, who the drug gang are, where they are growing the cannabis and where they've been stashing the proceeds. He also discovers his girlfriend Val has been more than just caring for Martin.

Crisis? What Crisis? is a dark comedy about having a mid-life crisis, greed, mistaken identity, murder, drugs and children's poems.

TAG LINE: In the off season no one can hear you scream

Submitted: July 13, 2021
Last Updated: February 26, 2022

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The Writer: Rick Dunning

I have previously written sketches for German TV, written and performed stand up on the London circuit and also written and produced a short film called ' Lilly And The Clown'. I have had my children's book 'Finlay's Family Of Fugitive Flea Finders' published. For the past twenty odd years I have worked in the film industry on many big budget films in the UK and abroad. Go to bio

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