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Working From Home

When Jane gets a job opportunity for her and her agoraphobic hitman husband Brendon, it is an offer too good to turn down... even if it is abroad!



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After bringing back another unsuspecting victim to their farmhouse, deep in the Dorset countryside, for her agoraphobic hitman husband Brendon to dispatch, Jane finally loses her temper over the bloody mess Brendon has made once more in their front room. With no plastic sheeting and Brendon's insistence on using his tried and tested, two shots to the head system, the front room of their home would need to be re-carpeted and decorated again! All the money they were earning on the bargain basement killings, they were spending on renovating their home, all because of Brendon's unfortunate condition.

Not long after the latest hit, they receive an email from The Colonel, requesting a meeting with Jane to discuss another job. Jane can't wait to get out of the house and away from the constant rubbish and drivel blaring out of the continually turned on television, that had become her husband's saviour and educator.

At the meeting, The Colonel admits to Jane that he had got her there on a false pretence. There was indeed a job, but it was not for her and Brendon as it needed to be carried out in Portugal, so would be impossible on account of Brendon's agoraphobia. He just wanted to see Jane as he had become quite smitten with her.

Jane, highly ambitious and resourceful wasn't about to let a small matter like getting Brendon to Portugal to eliminate two Nigerian fraudsters for twenty grand, the biggest pay out they would have earned in years since Brendon's ill-fated accident, to get in her way.

Jane decides to buy a caravan and convinces her husband that they could do it up and turn it into their own little restaurant and could have nights out together without ever having to leave the garage. Brendon finally warms to the idea and after refurbishing the aging, shabby caraven into a small, quaint bistro, they finally have their first meal together for years, outside the kitchen of their farmhouse.

At the end of the meal, Jane has a surprise for Brendon. Just as he's clearing up the dinner plates, she shoots him!

Unfortunately, Brendon wakes up from the tranquiliser dart halfway across France. Jane manages to calm him down and tells him of her plan to assassinate the two Nigerians. Brendon's far from convinced and needs calming down with the help of a bottle of drugged water, administered by Jane. Her plan is flawless and the targets are taken out.

What Brendon doesn't know, is that Jane has deceived him and has teamed up with The Colonel!

What Jane doesn't know, is that The Colonel has no intention of teaming up with anyone!

What The Colonel doesn't know, is that the bottled water is drugged!

WORKING FROM HOME (Pilot)... One Small Step.
A dark comedy about the domestic trials of living with an agoraphobic hitman.

Submitted: November 22, 2020
Last Updated: May 20, 2022

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The Writer: Rick Dunning

I have previously written sketches for German TV, written and performed stand up on the London circuit and also written and produced a short film called ' Lilly And The Clown'. I have had my children's book 'Finlay's Family Of Fugitive Flea Finders' published. For the past twenty odd years I have worked in the film industry on many big budget films in the UK and abroad. Go to bio

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