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A married couple awakes to a peculiar discovery which leads them to question if someone else was in their house during the night.



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After a long Christmas day spent with family, a married couple returns home in the evening. The Wife gives the Husband a watch as a Christmas present and retires to bed, while the Husband watches a bit of TV before locking the front door and also turning in for the night.

The next day, they awake to find that the TV and cable box have been unplugged, as if to be removed, but the rest of the house is undisturbed and all the doors are locked. They run through possible scenarios, such as sleep-walking or ghosts before concluding it was probably a would-be burglar with a duplicate key who left when they realized that the couples was home. They decide to change their locks, but as it is Boxing Day, and they have more family obligations that afternoon, they decide to change them the next day. The Husband asks their Neighbour to keep a watch for any thing odd during the day and to borrow a gun for overnight which the Neighbour provides.

That evening the Husband sets up a few makeshift burglar alarms, including propping an ironing board up against the front door, and keeps a baseball bat under the bed. He is startled awake by the sound of the ironing board falling over. He reaches for his phone on the night stand but it is not there. He whispers to his Wife, but the bed is empty. He grabs the bat and descends the stairs, calling out a lie that the police are on their way. He discerns two dark figures and flicks on the lights to reveal the Neighbour stabbed and his wife holding a gun. Th Wife shoots the Husband dead. She puts the knife that killed the Neighbour into her Husband's hand and the watch she gave him as a gift into the Neighbour's pocket. The Wife then takes out the Husband’s cell phone and ascends the stairs. She calls 911 and locks herself in her closet as she frantically pleads with the operator for help.

Submitted: April 11, 2020
Last Updated: April 11, 2020

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The Writer: Scott Smith

I'm a full-time professional who writes scripts in my spare-time for the sheer love of it. I focus mainly on features and shorts. I've written two features with Shannon Keith. We are both surrounded by words and writing every day at jobs with the largest Public Library system in North America. I'm hoping Script Revoluton will help us connect with likeminded and interesting writers, filmmakers and producers, so that we can one day build a film resume and bio. Go to bio

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