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Too Much Too Fast

A serious young professional strives to climb the Wall Street corporate ladder when she meets a carefree hippie and reclusive financial genius, who complicates her life with professional insight, absent-minded fun and romance.



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As a high school senior SCARLETT MCKENNA aspires to attend an Ivy League college to pursue a career in finance, but circumstances lead her to the University of Vermont on a soccer scholarship. Instead of overachievers she is surrounded by free-spirited hippies, including her roommate ORCHID CASSIDY.

Flash-forward six years and Scarlett is working long hours in an entry level position on Wall Street. Despite their initial differences Scarlett and Orchid are best friends. They go see the jam band Phish for Orchid’s bachelorette party and at the concert Scarlett meets a handsome, goofy stranger, WAM, when he accidentally hits her with a Frisbee. There’s an attraction and he gives her his number as they both live in New York City, but Scarlett is focused on her career.

A few weeks later, from a magazine article, Scarlett learns Wam is actually a reclusive financial genius who walked away from a successful career. As pressure and competition increase at work, Scarlett calls Wam in the hope she can learn from him. Wam feels she needs a better work/life balance and suggests an arrangement by where he provides professional advice under the condition they also do fun activities to balance it out. Scarlett reluctantly agrees. Scarlett learns Wam lives with his childhood friend, DICKY, who appears to be his keeper.

Scarlett and Wam’s relationship blossoms as they spend time together and soon becomes romantic. However, after spending the night together, Wam changes Scarlett’s project without her knowledge. Upon learning this, Scarlett pulls back from the relationship. Soon after, Scarlett is fired from her job when it’s discovered she shared confidential information with Wam. The same day, Wam is waiting to talk to Scarlett outside her office. They argue over her firing and go their separate ways.

While wallowing in self-pity, Scarlett learns that Wam and Dicky have launched a new business venture driven by altruistic motives, which was why Wam was waiting to speak with her.

At Orchid’s wedding, Orchid and Scarlett’s father, EDWARD, give her advice and support during this tough time.

The following day, Scarlett gets an opportunity when Dicky offers her a job with their new firm. He observed how Scarlett inspired Wam and feels without her the new firm wouldn’t have happened, and that she could help grow it.

Unbeknownst to Wam, Scarlett accepts and surprises Wam when she arrives for a “job interview”. Scarlett and Wam reconcile and he learns she will be working with them.

Flash-forward a short time later; their new firm is successful and thriving. Scarlett is the linchpin of the organization and the film ends with Scarlett at a job fair at her alma mater.

Submitted: January 15, 2019
Last Updated: January 15, 2019

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The Writer: Scott Smith

I'm a full-time professional who writes scripts in my spare-time for the sheer love of it. I focus mainly on features and shorts. I've written two features with Shannon Keith. We are both surrounded by words and writing every day at jobs with the largest Public Library system in North America. I'm hoping Script Revoluton will help us connect with likeminded and interesting writers, filmmakers and producers, so that we can one day build a film resume and bio. Go to bio

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