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Whatever Nevermind

It's 1994 and Steph, the student council vice president of her high school, must deal with teenage temperament, school politics and her own social life while organizing the "Battle of the Bands".



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It's December 1994 and STEPH is the student's council vice president at her high school in a north-eastern suburban town. She is smart and organized, but struggles with her confidence. She is tasked with choosing what bands will play in the upcoming "Battle of the Bands". The audition process will be Steph and ALEX, the pompous student's council president, watching the bands at their practice spaces over the next two days.

To add to her busy weekend, at the urging of her best friend JULIE, Steph reluctantly agrees to go without Julie to buy marijuana from their dealer.

After the first audition, Alex quits and leaves Steph to continue on alone, but not before changing the schedule to accommodate his friends' band made up of attractive and popular kids who won the Battle the previous year.

Steph arrives at the next audition early and walks in on JAY embarrassingly singing a pop song. The two are not acquainted, as Jay is younger, but immediately have chemistry. Steph asks Jay to come with her to buy weed and he agrees. Steph is very impressed with Jay's band "Mended".

Steph later returns for Jay and they buy weed from her dealer, before they go their separate ways, to different parties filled with drunken teenage antics. At the end of the night, Steph and Julie get into an argument.

The next day, Steph finishes the auditions with the help of a goofy, music-loving jock. That evening Steph runs into Jay and his band mates and they hang out. Steph is feeling pressure from the men in her life, primarily from her overbearing father and her ex-boyfriend, FRANK, who wants to get back together with her. Steph enjoys the easy-going time spent with Jay. Later in the evening Julie apologizes to Steph and gives her a pep talk about her confidence.

At the "Battle of the Bands" Mended play first and blow the crowd away. Following the other performances, Steph is set to announce the winner and the card reads last year's champs. Steph knows that Alex used his influence to rig the outcome as Mended played the best. Steph takes a stand and announces Mended as the winners feeling that they rightfully deserve it.

The next day, in detention, Steph gets inspiration for a new endeavour. The film ends as Jay opens his locker to find that Steph has made him a mix tape, the quintessential 90s way to tell someone you like them, and this synopsis didn't even mention authority-challenging COOK, but you'll have to read the screenplay to meet him.

Submitted: January 15, 2019
Last Updated: February 5, 2019

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The Writer: Scott Smith

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