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Mr. Moon & The Sasquatch

When a math professor obsessed with Bigfoot wins the lottery, he quits his job and organizes an expedition to prove the legendary creature exists.



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MR. MOON, a slightly eccentric but highly intelligent math professor, wins the lottery using a statistical model he invented. Mr. Moon quits his job to plan a Sasquatch expedition with the help of his best friend LUCAS, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair. 

Mr. Moon develops a statistical model to plot the locations with the highest probability for a Sasquatch sighting using data provided to him in secret from a source within the Bigfoot Believers Collective (BBC), a formal organization lead by BISON, a brutish intimidator. Simultaneously, Lucas works to come up with an unorthodox Sasquatch attraction method as Mr. Moon feels his model, combined with an unconventional approach, will yield results which have alluded so many other Sasquatch seekers. 

Mr. Moon is unsuccessful in hiring a trail guide as they are controlled by Bison. However, through his source, he learns of another trail guide, KAY, who was fired by the BBC. 

Meanwhile, Lucas meets R.J. a wayward young man who claims he saw a Sasquatch bobbing to EDM music when he awoke from partying in the woods.

Mr. Moon convinces a reluctant Kay to be his trail guide. Along with R.J. as a field assistant, and his story, Mr. Moon has an attraction method and a team. Before setting out, Mr. Moon surprises Lucas with tracking equipment and a means to stay connected through technology. 

In the woods, after spotting a Sasquatch track, R.J. falls and breaks his wrist. The group decides Mr. Moon will continue on alone, while Kay takes R.J. for medical help, and she will meet up with Mr. Moon the next day. 

That night, a frightened Mr. Moon hides in his tent but, unbeknownst to him, it appears something may be following him. 

The next day, Mr. Moon gets caught in a net intended for a Sasquatch. A furious Bison, who set the trap, releases him. As Bison threatens to throw Mr. Moon off a nearby cliff, Mr. Moon sees a Sasquatch rise from the bush. Kay arrives and fires a gunshot in the air scaring both Bison and the Sasquatch who retreats unseen by the others. 

Kay and Mr. Moon hike to their campsite, but Mr. Moon returns that night to where he saw the Sasquatch. He almost falls off the cliff, but the Sasquatch saves him and takes him to a secluded cave. The Sasquatch speaks English and tells Mr. Moon he would like to reveal himself to humans. Mr. Moon, taken aback by the intelligence and magnificence of the Sasquatch, convinces him to remain hidden as humans cannot be trusted. 

Upon his return home, Mr. Moon keeps his Sasquatch encounter a secret, even from Lucas.

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Semi-Finalist - 2019 Huntington Beach Film Festival Screenplay Contest
2nd Round - 2019 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Submitted: April 24, 2019
Last Updated: January 30, 2021

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The Writer: Scott Smith

I'm a full-time professional who writes scripts in my spare-time for the sheer love of it. I focus mainly on features and shorts. I've written two features with Shannon Keith. We are both surrounded by words and writing every day at jobs with the largest Public Library system in North America. I'm hoping Script Revoluton will help us connect with likeminded and interesting writers, filmmakers and producers, so that we can one day build a film resume and bio. Go to bio

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