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Glow Girl

When an insecure college girl falls for the bad boy, desperation to be with him forces her to follow him into his hedonistic world of drugs and rave parties.



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Glow Girl is a story about a young woman named Lilly, damaged from a lifetime of being ridiculed for her weight, and obsessed with the dream of finding love. The first semester of her college career, Lilly falls for a boy in biology class.

Adam is the strong, confident men-want-to-be-him, women-want-to-be-on-him guy. Lilly becomes fixated on getting Adam to notice her. She allows herself to be bent and broken to fit the mold of a woman he demands her to be, losing herself along the way, and coming to in a world of darkness. A new culture takes hold of her, disguised as a misfits’ playground full of neon lights and cuddle puddles, but evil people lurk in plain sight. Her only protection, a coke-addicted boyfriend who’s probably too busy screwing someone else, anyway. Lilly finds herself in a deadly situation naivety can’t save her from. Who will save her this time? Or is she doomed to face the consequences of her choices that become her end?

Submitted: August 17, 2021
Last Updated: October 3, 2021

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The Writer: Jennifer Lucic

My name is Jennifer Lucic and I am a new screenwriter looking to establish myself in the world of feature films. Movies and writing have been a life long passion, and at the ripe age of 35, after building a career in the public sector and raising a young family, I finally decided that I wanted to chase after the dream that's always existed in my head. I want to write stories that make an impact and bring people together. Go to bio