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What should be a routine job for drainage engineers Stu, Dazza & Marco turns into a night of horror as they are hunted by a mysterious sewer dwelling abomination.

The three young heroes of our story, STU, DAZZA and MARCO work
for a drainage company. The weekend beckons, when they are
called out on an emergency un-block at a West End theatre.
Opening up the manhole and sending down a CCTV camera the
extent of the problem becomes obvious. The whole sewer network
beneath the theatre has become overwhelmed by a conglomeration
of fat, oil and grease. What’s known in the trade as a
During the camera survey, a blur seems to pass in front of the
screen, and the video feed goes dead. Pulling up the camera
cable, they find that the camera is missing. It’s been bitten
off by something. They descend into the drainage tunnels to
look for the camera.
What they find instead is a small Thames Water diagnostics
team. They’re taking samples from the Fatberg, and are about
to field test a new fat busting enzyme, Reagent X, which it is
hoped will be the magic bullet that will put an end to the
fatberg problem for good.
The team is headed by a DR. HILDEGARD, who’s a bioengineering
expert. Her second in command is a female drainage consultant
called FLORENCE. Stu and Flo have history. He used to work for
her when she ran her own drainage business “ Go With The Flo:
Lady Plumbers”.
The test of Reagent X goes exceedingly well. It cuts through
the fat and oil like acid. The team think it’s job done when a
massive fatty tidal wave of filth, grease and excrement
barrels out of a side tunnel, slamming into the group and
knocking them off their feet.
Sinewy tendrils form out of the seemingly sentient filth, and
drag two members of the Thames Water security team into the
depths of the sewage tunnels.
What follows is a battle for survival as the drainage
engineers try to save their comrades and battle the mutated
unholy biomass that is The Fatberg.

Submitted: March 27, 2017
Last Updated: March 27, 2017
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The Writer: Kevin Hopgood

By day I'm a freelance illustrator and comic book artist. My best known comics credit is the three year stint drawing the Iron Man comic book for Marvel Comics. During my time on the book I designed the War Machine and Hulkbuster characters that have since made appearances in several Marvel Studios movies. I've been working from scripts of one form or another all of my working life, and about a year ago I decided to have a go at writing myself. I found that I really enjoyed it, so I've kept on doing it! To date I've written three features and a number of shorts. Go to bio

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