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Guardian of Ash

Pursued across realms by the living plague that laid waste to her world, the last elf must unlock the power of a mysterious orb or Earth will be next to fall.



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The last of the Verenir make their final stand against The Sickness - a living plague that spreads blight wherever it goes. They lose. Realising their peril, the warrior Kelvaran tasks his sister, Cleo, with protecting their most sacred artifact; an orb of immense power said to hold the ashes of their god. Kelvaran opens up a portal and Cleo reluctantly enters - finding herself in the strange world of the British West Midlands.

Before she's even had chance to properly adjust to her new surroundings, she foils an armed robbery and makes the acquaintance of Karla Murray, a young woman trying to build a life for herself away from her criminal family. Soon Cleo finds herself protecting Karla from the local thugs, while being forced to fend off the monstrous Faelhar who seeks Earth as a prize for his Master.

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Finalist - Santa Barbara International Screenplay Contest, Fall 2021
Semifinalist - Screenwriters Network TV Pilot Competition, 2021
Quarterfinalist - Filmmatic Inroads Fellowship, 2022

Submitted: November 16, 2021
Last Updated: September 16, 2022

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The Writer: John Austin

His adult life spent as a full-time carer for his disabled mother, John began writing as a means to escape into different worlds. He penned the short film, Long Lost Father in 2014, which premiered at FilmFest Gent as part of the anthology film, Follow: Tall Tales From a Small City (2014). Having struggled to balance his caring commitments with his craft, John took a break from writing but has again put fingers to keys, writing four contest-placing teleplays in 2021. His horror pilot script, Demonica , was named as a Finalist in both the Los Angeles Crime & Horror Film Festival Screenplay Competition and the Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards , while his urban fantasy pilot,... Go to bio

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