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Two cops take a guy they suspect knows who killed a cop to an abandoned building to beat information out of him. But he makes them doubt the truth and each other.

Steve a drug detective wants to know who killed his partner. Steve and his new partner James, who is desperate to prove himself, grab a guy they think may have been involved.

They take their captive, Eugene, to an abandoned building. Steve is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the truth.

During the questioning Eugene produces doubt in each of them about each other and the path they are on. Resulting in only one person leaving the building alive.

Being set in one room and not needing scene headers etc. The one page a minute doesn't apply to this script. In preproduction in New York. I will post links when more info is available.

I have remove it from download as I don’t own the rights anymore, they are with the producer. Thank you to everyone that has downloaded and read the script.

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Submitted: October 9, 2017
Last Updated: March 19, 2020
Last Downloaded: March 8, 2019

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The Writer: Craig Griffiths

I am a writer of features that are very tone and character focused. I write characters and let them inform plot. I have a few short films out on the web. Search Youtube for me and you should find "Blood Brother" and "The change in me". I have a books on Amazon including "Writing Screenplays with Intelligence" and "Logline". Writing Screenplays with Intelligence is a set of tools I used in my career as an intelligence analyst and how they can be used to develop characters and write screenplays. Logline is a great set of tools and things to consider when writing a logline or a script. I am the host the LOGLINE podcast. You can submit to the show if you like here or subscribe here . I am not a... Go to bio

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