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Two teen boys peep in a beautiful neighbor’s bathroom window and witness her murder, then must deal with her murderer.

MICHELE BARKER is glad ADAM moved into town. He’s polite, smart and outgoing. He even has a goal. At fifteen. Maybe he'll draw JEREMY out of his shell. Dad, JOE BARKER’s not up to it... what with his job and his TV watching, he’s pretty booked. And since Michele's gone back to work as a teacher, she barely has time to throw together a good microwave dinner and tend to the needs of ASHLEY, 11 months. Adam quickly convinces Jeremy to share his hobby -- being a Peeping Tom. The object of their attention is the lovely RAMONA, a young, black woman who lives in a condo on the other side of the woods right behind Jeremy’s upper middle class home. The boys even come up with a way to make it look like they’re home studying and not running through the woods in black ski masks.

One very dark night, while peeping in on Ramona, the boys witness her nightly, sexy shower followed closely by her apparent murder by BIG ED TIMLIN, the guy who’s on TV running for the District 7 County Commission seat. As the boys make their getaway, Big Ed hears the ruckus and nearly catches Jeremy before he escapes. This murder truly affects Jeremy, while Adam shrugs it off as "stuff" that happens everyday. When nothing’s on the nightly news about the crime, Adam convinces Jeremy that Ramona is really still alive and well. What a weight off Jeremy. But, because he can’t close his eyes without seeing her beautiful, lifeless body there at Big Ed’s feet, Jeremy decides to go back alone and check in on Ramona, via her bathroom window. Ramona’s there. Ramona's dead.

Jeremy confronts Adam with what he knows and the fact that he has found a way to let others know without implicating them and their "hobby." A note in Ramona’s mailbox begins the investigation into her death. After fending off a threat by the HANDYMAN, sent by Big Ed, Adam seizes what he now recognizes as an "opportunity" and sends Big Ed a blackmail message, suggesting "the secret sin" will be revealed unless Ed leaves $10,000 in an envelope in a white Toyota on his car lot. Ed leaves something in the car for them, but it's his dealership Lab watch dog. Adam’s pissed and paints "a killer lives here!" on Big Ed’s house.

The two detectives on the Ramona murder case, BARNES and HITCH, who work together like an old married couple, drag Big Ed in for questioning on election day, release him, and put a tail on him. While Ed tries to get out the vote, his once-impressive poll numbers are crumbling.

Jeremy can’t find Adam. Not at home where he shares an apartment with his Master Sergeant father, TROY BLACKWELL, not at school, nowhere. While Dad’s away on business and Michele’s out voting, Ed pays Jeremy and his sister a visit, stinking of cheap rum and Scope, and wielding a Colt Diamondback .38 special. With Ashley in his arms, Big Ed demands his revenge on both Jeremy and Adam.

But Adam's gone. So Jeremy's alone, facing the drunken frontrunner-turned-loser, while Barnes and Hitch have been left at a voting center, babysitting the Big Ed-Mobile. Big Ed has sneaked out, grabbed a cab and its driver. His dream soured, Ed’s been pushed to his extreme. Anybody in his way’s gonna take a bullet. But, in the end, Adam and Jeremy find a way of connecting that tips off Barnes and Hitch, and the final fall is left for the guy who deserved it most -- Big Ed Timlin, businessman, politician, murderer... dead guy.

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The Writer: Art D'Alessandro

Art D'Alessandro was graduated summa cum laude from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida where he was the recipient of both top prose and poetry writing awards. He co-founded and ran The Maile School, one of the southeast’s most highly regarded talent training facilities for over 20 years before its sale in 2004. The school's alumni include Mandy Moore, Spencer Locke, Norm Lewis, Arielle Kebbel and two Miss Americas.


His love of film has led to over forty screenplays bearing his name as writer, including “THE FINAL SEASON” starring Sean Astin, Powers Boothe, Tom Arnold and Rachael Leigh Cook. Directed by David Mickey Evans, “The Sandlot,” TFS premiered at the Tribeca... Go to bio

Lawyer: Bonnie Berry Lamon

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