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What if a klutzy teacher sells sex toys at women's parties to raise money for dog shelters and discovers that her uptight lawyer boyfriend is her slum landlord, who later rescues the women from attack?

Klutzy single elementary school teacher Heather Wade and her purse dog Louie encounter yet another noise complaint from the city about her numerous dogs. Anxious to raise money for a proper dog shelter, she enrolls in her friend Karen Parker’s business of hosting sex toy parties for adult women.

At her father Martin’s construction office, she meets uptight lawyer Rothman Spencer and they date. Rothman’s friend, sleazy real estate agent Lawrence Green, secretly invests Rothman’s money in shady low-income housing, including the rental house where Heather lives.

After the local mayor’s sudden death, Lawrence and Martin coax reluctant Rothman to run for office.

Heather visits her distraught mother, Sandra, who just found out that Martin just cut off her alimony, and suggests that her mother join in the adult party business.

Heather juggles two events at the same time and place: a recruitment evening for the sex toy business; and the mayoral candidate debate for Rothman. The bell boy accidently switches Rothman’s suitcase of election buttons with Heather’s suitcase of dildos, and he dumps her when she spills the dildos at his feet.

Sandra’s success from her debut party attracts Martin’s attention, who suspects that his trophy wife Brittany fornicates with Lawrence.

Heather receives an eviction notice, and with Louie under her arm, seeks Rothman’s legal advice, and they reconcile. When Heather discovers that Rothman is the slum landlord behind her eviction, she dumps him. Rothman, ashamed by the other shady deals Lawrence has involved him in, withdraws his candidacy for mayor.

Heather’s school principal fires Heather from her teaching position after her racy flyers spill covering the school parking lot.

Martin surprises Brittany and Lawrence in a compromising position, and leaves her. Meanwhile, Lawrence loses his real estate license, and Brittany, disgusted, dumps him.

Rothman and Louie save Heather and Karen from Karen’s knife-wielding ex-husband. Rothman’s heroic actions result in a public outcry for him to run as mayor. He agrees, and wins the election.

Heather petitions city council and wins the rights to build an animal shelter in one of Martin’s rural buildings. He and Sandra reconcile. Heather, successful at her party business, buys a new house. Rothman recovers one of her favorite dogs and they reunite.

Submitted: June 22, 2019
Last Updated: June 22, 2019

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The Writer: Christine J. Whitlock

Christine J. Whitlock Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; C-905/ 512-8123; www.cjcpinc.com https://www.facebook.com/Christine-J-Whitlock-839407682859239/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinewhitlock/ https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=christine+j.+whitlock WORK EXPERIENCE http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2857730/ - 2020 – panellist for Building a Mystery at Renaissance Virtual Conference - 2020 - Zoom host for monthly meeting for Horror Writers & Filmmakers and bi-monthly Scriptwriters & Filmmakers - 2020 - crime flash fiction story POLICE CALLS has been accepted by Humans in the Wild: Reactions to a Gun Loving Country by Swallow Publishing and Mythic Picnic - 2019 – ANOTHEREALM... Go to bio

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