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A woman with a secret in a past that she can't remember finds herself dodging bullets and running for her life after a mysterious envelope lands in her possession.



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Our hero, a young woman named Caroline, was in a car accident that killed her parents and stole her memories at the age of 16. Today, three years later, she is attending Georgetown University as a Law student and attempting to reconcile with her forgotten past and move on with a normal life.

Caroline is soon the target of an assassination attempt which sends her into protective custody under the care of a young detective named Ben. Caroline barely survives another attack, during which she experiences her first memory of her former life, one that aides in her escape but not before being wounded. After awaking in a hospital to find the ruthless killer still hot on her trail, and not knowing who to trust, Caroline and Ben are forced to flee the city. Thus, propelling Caroline and Ben’s need to decode Caroline’s resurfacing memories and find answers to why someone is trying to kill her.

In a separate story, an FBI field agent, David, follows clues about a mysterious contract killer who targets seemingly ordinary citizens who have no records whatsoever, making them ghosts, and two of these victims were David’s own parents. At the latest crime scene, he comes across a picture of Caroline which sets him onto a collision course with Caroline and Ben.

Through the course of the season Caroline will develop a trustworthy team who help her along the way, it will include the Detective, an FBI field agent, her long-lost Uncle, and her hacker best friend from college. Ultimately Caroline will become an empowered stand-alone hero who’s capable of bringing down evil on a global scale.

Submitted: March 9, 2021
Last Updated: July 9, 2021

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The Writer: Matthew Walsh

Matthew Walsh, originally from Upstate NY, a military veteran, is also a world traveler, film connoisseur, and screenwriting extraordinaire. I have four Feature scripts, all have been selected in numerous screenwriting competitions, ranging from Quarter-Finalist to Winner. Hosted on this site, "Taking Mona" currently has seven awards including two wins, while my latest creation, "Jurassic Ghost" recently won it's first Quarter-Finalist award. My TV Pilot, "Revelations," has received a recommend rating from Script Reader Pro and been a Quarter-Finalist in a screenplay competition. I have a diverse and ever expanding portfolio ranging from Comedy Horror, Apocalyptic Thriller, to Historical... Go to bio

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