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Roadblox: How love for gaming, made me a millionaire

A 10-year-old boy genius learns that success requires whatever it takes, even if that means throwing your own family under the bus.



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Baby Ryan sits on his father's lap, no older than one years old, playing a home building game on his mothers phone. His father is convinced he is a genius. At age five, he completed a two thousand, nine hundred, and twenty six piece street modern cafe', with outdoor seating, and recessed lighting in one day! At ( just shy of) 13 , Ryan was being photographed on a yacht for the cover of Forbes 30 under 30. Ryan has actually *hired* his own mother to work for him on his yacht. Ryan explains to a reporter how he got to where he was:

Ryan and his pals, Manny and Jaylin, sit on their schoolground three years earlier on their phones. Instead of running around with their peers, they sit stationary playing a builders game (Lucksville) on their phones. The school teacher is not impressed and reaches out to their parents. This inevitably leads to a disagreement between Ryan's parents regarding his phone at school. Ryan sends his father, blueprints of a building he designed in exchange for $50.

Ryan's manipulating sister, Robin ( who can be a bit of an opportunist), sneaks her way into taking the $50 from Ryan when she offers to pick him up a smoothie. he needs this money for his Lucksville account, which his mother does not seem to have sympathy for. Ryan Misses an important night online, according to his friends. He then decides it is time to get a real job; take some control over his finances and perhaps take a break from gaming. This proves to be tough, given Ryan is only 10 years old with no work experience under his belt. Manny Introduces Ryan to the concept of business cards; he says it helps his father, the landscaper, get jobs all the time.

Ryan begins to hand out his own card as a "builder", offering people like his teacher, redecorating services. The school's handyman tips Ryan off to check out some hiring platforms, including Craigslist.

Ryan comes home one evening to find out his father has gotten a big promotion at work. However, he also quickly learns that his father stole some new blueprint sketches to get this big promotion. When Ryan confronts his father about this, Ryan's father suggest he had no way of knowing how successful the sketches were going to be. Ryan demands more money and his father obliges. Ryan's father makes a new deal with Ryan and offers him a job. he will pay Ryan $50 dollars for every blueprint he mocks up. But that's not good enough for Robin, who does not want Ryan to settle for this plan; she thinks Ryan should aim higher. They are his sketches after all, and he is only getting a tiny piece of the pie from his father's salary.

Robin sneakily comes up with a plan to get Ryan the job he deserves and sets the wheels in motion. And, so the games begin.

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Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2021
Quarterfinalist, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices Competition - Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices Screenplay Competition 2021

Submitted: July 28, 2021
Last Updated: July 28, 2021

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The Writer: Katrina Jaxson

After one screenwriting class, Katrina jumped head first into the industry. Executive Producing her first script Mark 8:36, was a valuable lesson. Now, having worked 15 years at HBO, learning the industry and great story-telling inside and out, she’s ready to create captivating characters and stories that are multi-dimensional, clever, and most of all unforgettable. Go to bio

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