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Raisin Men: Is my relationship worth saving?

Known for exposing men as bad husbands, a P.I. agency’s unorthodox mission gets complicated when one investigator’s beloved father becomes a target.



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RAISIN MEN by Katrina Jaxson
A group of angry men protest against the “home-wrecking bitches” that run Raisin Men, a private eye agency known for exposing men as bad domestic partners. The company’s Mexican CEO ALEX VARGAS (40s) is unruffled by the protest, giving them her middle finger as she arrives for work. Currently in a dating slump, Alex is jaded about love but happy to focus on her career. As she films a commercial in her chic office to broaden her client base, Alex explains that there are two types of men: “Grapes” are like fine wine and get better with age but “Raisins” slowly dry up while draining their partners. Raisin Men can determine the true identity of your partner.

Blond Mormon JORDAN RIVERS (20) and her boyfriend DANNY (20s) are happily in love but both need to find jobs ASAP. An aspiring photo illustrator, Jordan is excited when she lands an interview with a P.I. business. Across town, black social worker TAYLOR JONES (30s) and her investment banker husband VINCENT (30s) bicker about her paranoia and lack of trust in their relationship, but Taylor lies to him about her job –– she’s actually a lead investigator at Raisin Men, a business that Vincent sees as a joke.
At Raisin Men, a naïve Jordan displays an art portfolio during her interview. Taylor scoffs at her cluelessness but Alex believes Jordan has what it takes to identify a grape before it becomes a raisin. Eager to prove herself, Jordan joins them in the field for a trial run — she and Taylor pose as Jehovah’s Witnesses to covertly meet with CELESTE (40s), a housewife whose husband (PAUL) leaves poop stains in their bathroom. A disgusted Taylor advises Celeste to tell Paul’s mother, but Jordan explains that some men need “instructions” and a prominent display of extra toilet paper. When a well-groomed Paul arrives and offers a handshake, Taylor gags and flees to her car to use hand sanitizer. An amused Jordan can’t wait to tell Danny but Alex insists that their business tactics remain private: “What happens at Raisin Men stays at Raisin Men.” Alex and Taylor also explain that Paul’s clean-cut grape image won’t hide his truth forever and he’ll soon be exposed as a raisin with nothing to offer. A compassionate Jordan counters that everyone has something to offer.
Their next client CHARLENE suspects her boyfriend of reckless gambling. When the women stake out a casino parking lot, Jordan finally realizes that “P.I.” doesn’t stand for photo illustrator. Jordan is angry about being lied to, but Alex convinces her to stay as an unbiased “angel” who won’t quickly judge the men they’re investigating. As Alex spies on the gambler in the casino, Jordan tells Danny a “little white lie”

about her new photo illustrator job as she waits in the car with Taylor. Taylor scoffs when they see a man not opening a door for a woman, but Jordan believes if women want to be equal, they can’t expect men to do “men things.” She also reveals that she has no interest in marriage and kids, and is happy to be “free.”
When a man leaves the casino and hides money in his sock, Taylor confronts the “selfish bastard” with a fake gun and asks about his stash — the terrified man offers the cash but it spills onto the pavement. Jordan collects the fallen bills until Alex ushers everyone back to the car. The man yells for help as the women speed away. As Alex chides Taylor about her temper, a mortified Jordan fears going to jail. A police siren soon gets their attention –– Alex instantly removes her wig, makeup and fake breasts. Jordan stares in shock. Alex is a man! Taylor tells Jordan to hide the gun because cops never suspect a white woman. They now pull over for the cops, and Jordan feigns innocence until the cops notice “Alejandro” and resume their search for three women.
When Alex gives Charlene a refund after the casino debacle, Taylor balks — how can they make a living on pro bono cases? Jordan now wants solid answers about their business. Alex explains that they expose “man-children” before they suck the life from their partners, and they don’t nurture or talk to the men because most of them are too set in their ways. Jordan ends the interview when Danny calls about dinner — she’s embarrassed that her “big baby” is unable to plan his own meals.
The next day, Taylor and Jordan wear wigs and disguises to meet with EDDIE, a flippant and unkempt job applicant. When Eddie shows no interest in a job, Alex is happy that they’ve identified another raisin for a client. Eddie suddenly reveals he was role-playing to expose the company’s home-wrecking agenda! Jordan calms Eddie with a pep talk, suggesting that he can become a better man so his wife won’t need to call Raisin Men. Eddie now agrees to get his life back in track. Alex is thrilled by Jordan’s persuasive abilities, but Jordan is uneasy — she almost called a client to bear false witness against a neighbor!

That night, Alex has drinks with MARCO, a childhood friend who has recently transitioned into a man. Alex also wants to transition but the hormones make her sick. She now frets that she’ll be stuck in a man’s body forever, but Marco says she still has a choice.
Meanwhile, Taylor has a lonely dinner at home while her husband works late. As she scrolls on Facebook, a half-naked picture of a cute guy leads to masturbation until Vincent catches her in the act. Unsettled, Taylor starts a fight about a past mis- carriage and calls Vincent self-absorbed and untrustworthy until he finally walks out.

Still in her wig, Jordan arrives home to find Danny watching TV in a messy bedroom. When she sees a poop-stained toilet, Danny says it’s her job to feed him and clean up after him. He also says the wig makes her look like a “streetwalker.” Resigned, Jordan cleans up and wonders about the future of their relationship. Meanwhile, Alex enjoys a night out with Marco and his friends LUPE and ANGEL. Angel is smitten with Alex but Alex is unsure if the fashionista is a “she” or a “he.” She soon decides to give Angel her number.
The next morning, Taylor and Vincent receive a surprise visit from her doting parents ANNIE and ISAAC (60s). Taylor adores her father, and her family is pleased to learn that she has resumed painting their home nursery. Meanwhile, Jordan sketches a new sign for her bathroom: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Unfazed, Danny says Jordan can do whatever she wants because she’s now the breadwinner.

At Raisin Men, Jordan tells Alex that she doesn’t want to prejudge men and lie to clients. Determined to keep Jordan, Alex explains the agency’s origin: she initially named it “Raising Men” and planned to uplift men as they deal with societal pressures. She soon realized that she was actually raising “boys” and that most of them can’t be helped. Alex agrees that the agency’s tactics are unorthodox but the intention is good, and she now plans to take Raisin Men worldwide. Convinced, Jordan agrees to stay as long as she doesn’t break God’s commandments.
When Taylor arrives to see more angry protesters, she tells them to “man up” and stop crying like babies. She also balks when Alex presents Jordan as a new hire who’s going to change the company’s reputation. Fed up with Taylor’s attitude, Jordan tells her to get over herself. Alex convinces Taylor to be a team player while announcing new clients: Annie and Isaac Richardson. Taylor is utterly shocked and confused.

How can her perfect father be a raisin?

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Semifinalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2021
Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic - Inroads Fellowship Season 4
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Submitted: July 28, 2021
Last Updated: November 9, 2021

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The Writer: Katrina Jaxson

After one screenwriting class, Katrina jumped head first into the industry. Executive Producing her first script Mark 8:36, was a valuable lesson. Now, having worked 15 years at HBO, learning the industry and great story-telling inside and out, she’s ready to create captivating characters and stories that are multi-dimensional, clever, and most of all unforgettable. Go to bio

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