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In a city of sand and steel, a precocious young girl discovers a "friend" amongst the rubble.



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A young scrapper, Lylly, discovers a large, rusted robot among piles of scrap. She drags it "home" to her small, dusty generator shed and charges it. At first, the bot lashes out violently, strangling Lylly, but she escapes. The bot expresses sorrow, remorse--there's something deeper inside this rusted heap than would initially appear. Lylly repairs the bot's busted arm and just when the two are bonding over their abandonment, two drunk men make their way into Lylly's shed. They force themselves upon Lylly, and when one is fumbling with his belt, the bot jolts into action. Killing both men in a vicious, gory display of mechanical strength. Lylly cowers after the ordeal, shaken from her attackers, shaken from the gore. The bot reaches out his hand. Lylly takes it. Fully meeting and understanding one another.

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Submitted: December 12, 2017
Last Updated: February 28, 2018

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The Writer: Colton Simpson

An avid reader, gamer, and movie-goer that's working on getting stories from my little screen to one slightly larger. With a little less than a year's experience under my belt, my science fiction short, "Rustbucket" , won Reddit's "Short Film Proverb Contest". Go to bio