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My fascination with Mom'n'Pop motels
A travel-weary salesman checks into a Mom'n'Pop motel and has an extraterrestrial encounter.

This short was inspired by a real life, in the middle of nowhere, 9 unit motel. When I first saw the place, my imagination went wild - Who stayed there and why? Were the guests star crossed lovers or just lost and weary travelers? And what about the people who operated it? Were they aliens from outer space or just as an old man and woman in their 70s? Hope you will enjoy your visit to the Satellite Motel and thanks for the read. Also see review on STS.

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Satellite Motel
A travel-weary salesman checks into a small Mom' n' Pop motel and has an extraterrestrial encounter.

The seemingly friendliest places and people often hide the darkest secrets and evils: ever since Psycho revolutionised horror all those years ago, this idea has been abused more than Janet Leigh’s character in THAT scene, and usually to similarly awful results.

Not so in John Hunter’s Satellite Motel, which uses that well-worn trope to create an inevitable sense of dread, then completely turns it on its head.

The setup just begs for a skilful director to create that unsettling feeling: a lonesome man, Davis, drives down a lonesome road into a lonesome town and checks into the only hotel for miles: The Satellite Motel.

Booked into room Number 7 and handed an old-school metal key by one half of the elderly yet cynically simple couple who run the joint, Davis leaves the meagre and messy reception to knock himself out for the night.

But he’ll never reach the comforts of Room 7’s bed. Nor will he not survive the night. Instead, Davis is about to experience the weirdest few hours of his life.

From a strange room and stranger conversation through to a mind-bending finale via a, joining Davis on his adventure guarantees twists and revelations just like any horror…but with a Twilight Zone-esque abonormalness and humour.

A mixture that comes together to create one brilliantly inventive genre-flipping script which just oozes with cinematic potential. So why delay? Check into the Satellite Motel today!

Review by Hamish Porter

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The Writer: John Hunter

Sent away to boarding schools to get a fancy education, the members of my immediate family proudly referred to me as bilingual for an uncanny ability to speak both Standard American English and my native Cracker.

After graduation from a large brick and mortar university, a curious nature and an overactive imagination have led me down many paths in life: former Peace Corps volunteer, sales engineer, packaging design consultant, recovering golfer and more recently, an award-winning and produced scriptwriter.

As a writer, my voice is character driven, slightly dark and quirky with a dash of humor. Many of my shorts have been showcased on Shootin' The Shorts. Three of these... Go to bio

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