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my weird imagination
Housewife Cathy hires a gay prostitute, who mistakenly takes her husband's sleeping pill instead of viagra. Thinking she killed him during sex she enlists a friend to help get rid of him before 5pm.

Cathy's hippy friend, Ingrid, persuades her to hire a male prostitute, as her husband does not please her, though this is totally out of her comfort zone. Gary goes to work and Romano arrives with a small case of fun props. Romano mistakenly takes Gary's knock out pill, instead of viagra, and they engage in sex. During the height of passion, Romano gasps, and passes out cold. Cathy thinks he is dead, and calls Ingrid to get her out of the mess before Gary gets home. They dress him, she dresses herself in a nurse outfit with her pyjama bottoms. He get dragged downstairs, then the pool man arrives. Seeing her at the door in odd clothing, he calls Gary. After he leaves, the women get Romano into the car, but a nosey neighbour sees a man in the car and asks questions. She says its her brother, and he can't speak as he is blind and deaf. Forgetting the case, Cathy has to break into her house as the door shuts on her. The nosey neighbour also calls Gary.
They decide to take him to the park, but fail, so end up at the hospital in a cat mask and a batman mask to hide their identity. The push the wheelchaired Romano through the doors, and run! On their drive back, they come face to face with Gary, at traffic lights, but they are wearing the masks still. They race off to get back, and she changes just in time. Cathy explains to Gary it is all a mistake. Ingrid goes home to find Minxy, her own regular threesome prostitute, who is Romano's sister, is looking for him. Cathy throws Romano's case from her bedroom window, to Ingrid, whilst Gary isn't looking.
Thinking it's all over, Cathy and Gary get ready for a meal out. Meanwhile, Minxy returns in the evening with good news...Romano is ok, and on his way to Cathy's to piece together how he had ended up in hospital, escorted by cat woman and bat man. Ingrid tries to warn her, but as Cathy and Gary leave for dinner, Romano gives her a shock. He knos not to reveal himself, and makes an excuse. Relieved, they enjoy dinner, but the next morning, a used condom sticks to Gary's slipper. Cathy jumps out of bed to stop an incident but it's too late. Gary calls out. Fade to black.

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I am hoping to get this off the ground myself, so appreciate if anyone wants to help here in north cyprus. If it doesn't happen, it's open to anyone with permission, just in case! Title is a working progress.

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The Writer: Tina Balli

Studied at LCCA, creative media, where I wrote 'Spotted Dick, the Musical,' a comedy short, in song! Check it on my YouTube channel. Self published 4 novels. creator of 'the demon realm', tarot deck and book. all available to buy online. Studied occult for 40 years, so my writing reflects this. my books are, 'Aquarius', Tarot of the Demons', Isabella Black Heart', and 'The Tunnel.' I am a professional artist. You can see my art on deviantart, pinterest, under 'demoncreator. Check out my fb page 'demon realm tarot.' I have been writing since a child, 1st having poems published. I attended a script course with 'Raindance', many years ago...Yes, I''m no spring chicken! I currently live in... Go to bio

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