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A science teacher, his troubled pupil and a soldier have one thing in common. They are being abducted with no memory, until the boy works out how to remember.

Franny, a London physics teacher, has a class of feisty East End boys. Milo is a troubled boy with an alcoholic father. The boy shuts himself in his room to play online games with his American friend, She Wolf. One morning he wakes with a sore bruised neck. He has strange visions whilst game playing, of aliens. Franny also has rough sleep, thinking he has stepped on a pin as he gets out of bed. (We see his old scar from a car crash down his neck). He too has a vision of an reptillian creature, thinking he is recalling a weird dream.
Milo senses something isn't right, when his game has a mind of its own, and lights flicker. In class Franny has a limp, but Franny notices Milo's bruise, and is concerned his father is abusing him.
Miles away in Scotland, Sergeant Kirkland leads his soldiers on a training exercise in the highlands. He seperates them on watch duty, but when they see a mysterious light they reform to find Sabre, a soldier, is missing. They find a large oval burnt patch of grass, fried radios and a warped weapon. A search party finds nothing else. The team come to terms with what they saw as non Earthly. Kirkland is visited by an American General interested in the case. He shows him his own file, called 'Trippers,' dated 1989 to 1999, mentions Roswell and American soldiers being abducted regularly since the first Roswell incident.
Milo has visions through his TV, telling Franny at school about his suspiscions. That night Franny has a visit from an ET. He is paralised as the alien touches his foot, and they disappear. He returns in the morning, his wife unaware he left, due to sleeping comatosed.He wakes with terrible pain in his foot, and tries to cut whatever it is in his foot, out, ending up in A and E hospital department.
Scotland - General Hauser's file reveals that their soldiers are always returned, so Kirkland has a watch until Sabre is returned, with no memory,but a marked neck. At school, Milo panics when Franny does not attend his class. Due to Franny's concerns with Milo, he had given him his number, so Milo abpubtly leaves class, to call him to meet.They do in the park, and Milo tells his story of how he saw Franny inside the UFO with him, and that he has found a way to stay awake.
That evening, Milo plays online with She Wolf, who boasts living on a base with her father. Later Franny visits Milo while his father is working late. Milo explains how the internet interferes with the device in their neck and foot. So he kept the internet running on his phone in his pocket all night, pretending to be asleep. He explains how he saw Franny strapped to a chair, but when he briefly put the phone near his body, Franny momentarily awoke. He convinces Franny that the chip can work to their advantage, and they can search the craft. He also reveals that he had seen a soldier, and when he woke him with the mobile phone near him, he mumbled his name and rank.
Franny reveals his past work in military science and finds out who the soldier is through contacts. They lie to their families about a field trip-Milo innocently giving She Wolf his phone number, and mentioning his teachers name.
Sabre has a hynotherapy session to find his missing memories, and he remembers Franny and Milo on a space craft.The next trip, Franny and Milo explore the craft when the aliens leave their room. Franny identifies ancient Runic alphabet and deciphers images on the controls.He takes photos with his mobile phone.
She wolf slips up, revealing she is part of the consiracy.
Franny discovers Sabre's identity, and with Milo, they secretly travel to the Scottish barracks.They show Kirkland the photos. Sabre meets them, recognising them. On mention of General Hauser, Franny realises he has been had by the U.S government, revealing Hauser as a liar and why Franny left, due to them wanting to experiment on crossing human genes with other species.They arrange a complete exploration of the craft to find out what the aliens are doing. They find embryos and mutants in liquid tubes, that are alive. They are disturbed, Sabre shoots an alien, but theymanage to return to their seats and are returned to Earth.
Hauser assumingly is informed, and returns to the barracks, abducting Sabre himself for interrogation. On return to London Franny is arrested for child abduction. The police take Milo and Franny's phones. Milo gets his back and tells Kirkland. He tells him to take extra phones in his piocket for the two men for their trip that night. Franny disappears from his cell that night, met by Milo. Kirkland searches for Sabre but reaches Hauser's rented lodge too late. Hauser explains how his daughter was taken and that he just wants her back.A man in black who had been accompanying Hauser is held captive. Kirkland asks, 'Take me to your leader?'..and he has no choice.
On the craft the 3 abductees enter a lab with pregnant women. Hauser and Kirkland enter the craft via another way, bringing weapons. Hauser finds his pregnant daughter along with more human hybrids. Milo, Franny, his daughter Claudia and other women escape via a transporting bay returning them to Hauser's lodge as it is point of origin from Kirkland's trip there. The man in black is tied but Claudia frees him and the women escape, leaving Sabre and Franny injured.
Back on the craft, Kirkland battles with the other women and Hauser. They destroy all the labs and escape to a shuttle craft that one of the hybrids can fly. They return to Earth safely after a gun fight. The hybrid only want asylum. The human women, are revealed as no longer human and changed by DNA. The asylum seekers are taken to a secret location.
The British help Hauser, and nuke the Craft in space from a British war ship on the open sea.
Somewhere in a secret facility, Claudia is in a birthing pool. She gives birth to her child, almost human, blonde, pale, but with one thing extra, a tail. A doctor holds the baby, welcoming the first primary to Earth.

Submitted: February 1, 2019
Last Updated: November 14, 2019

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The Writer: Tina Balli

Studied at LCCA, creative media, where I wrote 'Spotted Dick, the Musical,' a comedy short, in song! Check it on my YouTube channel, LEMONADE BUDGET, where I also have crafty tutorials.. . I attended a script course with 'Raindance', many years ago...Yes, I''m no spring chicken. . I self published 4 novels, am creator of 'the demon realm' tarot deck and book. all available to buy online. I've studied occult for 40 years, so my writing reflects this. Trust me when I say I have seen and done more supernatural stuff than any movie, and know what I'm talking about! I concentrate more on script writing now, but I am an artist, and occasionally get time to paint or make weird stuff. You can see... Go to bio

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