The Extraterrestrial Highway (The Day Las Vegas Stood Still) by Steve Sorenson | Script Revolution

The Extraterrestrial Highway (The Day Las Vegas Stood Still)

The USA and Russia are about to exchange thousands of thermonuclear weapons but are unaware of two female drinking buddies who will spoil their ill choice to end all life on the Earth.



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The USA and Russia are standing toe to toe, staring eye to eye, and ready to exchange thousands of nukes. These two empires did not count on a Nevadan Paiute Indian and her female drinking buddy from twelve-light-years away to spoil their life-ending nuclear plans.

Rumored to be Klaatu’s granddaughter, she is a quarter-human who is bored with the simple task that the leader of her home planet has assigned her. Instead, she wants peace on Earth now and done her way.

For the last couple of centuries, her kind the Nexkarians from the Tau-Ceti star system, have rescued abducted humans and others in the Orion Spur from the carnivorous alien species of the Alpha-Centauri star system.

The rescued abducted humans are rushed to the Stella Hospital on planet Nexkar, the fourth planet from the star Tau-Ceti. These humans are cared for and cured of almost everything. Next, the humans are taken to the adaption center to become good obedient citizens on planet Nexkar and used for crossbreeding.

The Nexkarians discovered long ago that the crossbreed offspring have the trait of courage that the pure Nexkarians lack. They use the mixed breed to fly the battle saucers that the ‘old-ones’ left behind eons ago.

The pure Nexkarians want to take over the Earth before it becomes a useless nuclear burned-out cinder. But how can this planet full of chicken-shits accomplish such a feat?

Also, hampering their Earth conquering plans, the Nexkarians have discovered that their enemy from Alpha-Centauri has built a base on the far side of Earth’s moon. Presumably to acquire more humans to eat or to invade the Earth.

To resolve these issues, our heroes, the Paiute Indian female teaches and instill into her Nexkarian friends the trait of courage and bravery, and Klaatu’s granddaughter is ordered to eradicate the enemy from Earth’s moon. Also, she is given the leader’s blessing to rid the Earth of nuclear weapons, her way.

These women lead a fleet of saucers to battle the enemy around our moon with colorful weaponry witnessed by all on Earth.

The next day as the Earth stood VERY still, our female heroes land their saucer on a Las Vegas Strip intersection. . . . . . . What happens next does NOT stay in Vegas.

Submitted: February 19, 2019
Last Updated: May 19, 2022

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The Writer: Steve Sorenson

My writing objective: Fill theaters with laughter, wet eyes, nail biters, and screamers. Enjoys Writing, Photography, and Poker. Graduated from the army film school that was then at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. (1969 for Still Photography & 1972 for Motion Picture.) Afterward, served as a motion-picture cameraman and still photographer in the United States Army Signal Corps. Some of my most notable military photography assignments were: 1)1969~71 Oakdale, PA. Provided photographic support for the army reserves and the ROTC in the Pittsburgh area. 2) 1971~72 Documenting the armistice meetings in Panmunjom Korea while being stared down by North Korean soldiers. 3) 1977~78 Still and motion-... Go to bio

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