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The Grand Bay Hotel

A newly wedded couple settle into a seclusive luxury resort, only to find that the staff are part of a well-oiled system designed to maim, torture, and kill its guests.



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Valentine and Logan visit the secluded island resort for the dream honeymoon getaway. The couple land with excitement, ready to get settled into the holiday life. The first day brings all the posh amenities promised in the brochure. The couple enjoys a trip to the spa and a relaxing visit to the pool with unlimited cocktails. A dinner date at a Michelin star restaurant reveals racks in their relationship. Valentine has put off having children due to her own dark history with her father, although she has blamed it on her career. Now that she has been offered her dream job, Logan wishes to start a family but can sense Valentine holding back. The couple moves on and the night ends on the club dance floor. However, for drunken lovers elsewhere on the resort, being in the wrong place at the wrong time means their night ends in blood.

The second day promises more holiday fun with a hike to a local waterfall, jet skis, and hot tubs. Peculiar occurrences and strange unprofessional behavior by employees raise a sense of suspicion in Valentine and she is determined to find out why. Valentine spots a teenager called Molly in the 18+ hotel. She speaks to her and after some push back Valentine becomes unlikely friends with the girl, taking on an almost guardian-like relationship with her after finding out that her parents would rather spend time with strangers than with their own daughter.

The third day comes and after being mistreated by a waiter, Valentine follows her instinct and trails The Manager into a secret room filled with cameras recording every hotel room. Valentine is in a mad rush to find Logan when all guests are called to the beach for an important announcement declaring that all rooms are now filled. That is when it begins.

The true intentions of the hotel are revealed, and a swift gruesome attack commences. The beginning of a long hard day. Valentine and Logan prove to be resilient and inventive as they fight to survive. But how can they escape an island of killers? Will Valentine be able to keep Molly alive? And what is worth sacrificing to save the one you love?

All Accolades & Coverage: 

"Best Screenplay in Peephole Film Festival"

"Best Unproduced Screenplay in Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest"

"Semi-Finalist in Filmatic Horror Screenplay Awards"

"Best Horror Screenplay (Below 120 Pages) - Adbhooture Film Festival 15"

"Best Thriller Feature Script in Horror Bowl Movie Awards"

"Best Genre Merge in Horrors4You"

"Finalist in Hollywood BLVD Film Festival"

"Finalist in Hollywood Blood Horror Festival"

"Finalist in FANtastic Horror Film Festival"

"Finalist in Be Afraid Horror Fest"

"Official Selection in Gold Star Movie Awards - Horror Screenplay"

Submitted: September 27, 2022
Last Updated: September 27, 2022

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After enjoying the life of a reader for many years I am now a passionate writer compelled to create fantastical fiction in varying genres. With a focus on writing feature-length screenplays and experimenting with potential ideas in the form of short stories/scripts. Not a day goes by when I am not working on my latest screenplay, engaged in a writing group, or expanding my knowledge of cinematic practices. I aim to explore this world through writing. I have four completed feature-length spec scripts and fourteen short scripts of varying lengths from 3-24 pages long. Among other awards, my script 'THE MIGHTY VARIANTS' has been awarded a Quarter-Finalist place in the Final Draft Big Break... Go to bio

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