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The Ingenium

Set in a time when society is ruled by the Catholic Church and governed by its secret police, Cardinal Baptiste uncovers a plot which threatens to tear down their beloved organization.



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Earth, an alternate timeline, what might have happened had things been different. The global religious and political stage is dominated by the Vatican, which disseminates the word of God toward the ultimate goal of a single religion under a unified church. That goal is under constant threat by the temptations and sins of man and by those who wish to choose their own fates.

It is a trying time for Fabian Clement, the current Pope. Church property is being stolen from around the world; several nations are chafing under Vatican dictates, leading some to question the church’s doctrine of only defensive violence; and a general malaise among the faithful has drastically reduced recruitment to the Ingenium, the church’s robed intelligence and security force.

The Ingenium have advised kings, toppled governments and are still doing so today. They are hidden from society and protected only by “The List” which names all Ingenium agents, active and retired. When the Catholic Church faces a threat it cannot handle, they call in, The Ingenium.

An alarm BLARES in the background. FOOTSTEPS rush across the floor. A large male figure reaches behind him into his waistband and pulls a gun. As the door bursts open, the Figure drops to a knee and fires six shots. Three armed men drop to the floor. The Figure tucks the gun back into his waistband. He stands and steps over the bodies on the floor. The Figure watches as a golden goblet encrusted with rubies, sparkles in the case in front of him.

The goblet Jesus used at the Last Supper has been stolen from an Ingenium safe house. Fearing that this could only be the beginning of something greater, Cardinal Stone orders an investigation into the possible whereabouts of the Golden Goblet and entrusts that task to a young recruit: Father Gabriel Baptiste.

As he investigates the truth, Gabriel finds himself in Iran. BOOM! An explosion rattles the windows. Rapid GUNFIRE ensures. The guards jump to their feet and draw their guns. Gabriel leaves a bloody trail behind him as he shoots his way across a hallway. Gabriel narrowly escapes and manages to stay one step ahead of his enemies.

With the Cardinal focused on returning the Goblet, the unthinkable happens; the List has gone missing. Not sure who to trust, the Cardinal suspects there to be a double-agent. The Ingenium is now divided.

Determined to bring about order and unity to his organization Cardinal Baptiste sets Gabriel into action. Finally tracking down the Goblet, Gabriel is caught up in another action scene and once having secured the Goblet, Gabriel brings down the building. The Goblet is again safe within the possession of the Ingenium, however, the List is still out in the open and as long as the List remains out there, the Ingenium will never be safe.

Submitted: August 13, 2018
Last Updated: August 13, 2018

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The Writer: Dwight Stephen

I love to write and I remain excited about sharing my craft and stories with others. I was a finalist at the Write Brothers International Screenplay Competition (Respect The Order). Go to bio

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