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A local grocery-store manager is forced to deal with her past after her daughter gets kidnapped.



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A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. However, when her children are unwillingly ripped from her arms, a mother will stop at nothing to get her child back.

This is the story of KATIE GASPARD, a former CIA Special Activities Division agent, determined to put her past behind her and lead a normal life as a mother to her ten-year-old daughter (EMMA). No longer an agent of the CIA, Katie now manages a Mega Mart Grocery store.
At the grocery store, a THIEF WEARING A TRANSLUCENT PLASTIC MASK approaches a cash register with his hand in the pocket of his hoodie griping the butt of a pistol. The thief pulls his weapon and cocks the hammer. As he reaches over the counter, Katie grabs his wrist and twists. With her other hand, she SLAMS his head against the cash register. He falls to the floor unconscious.

Katie's sudden heroics makes her an unexpected hero and brings with it someone from her past. The next day at Emma's school, a black car pulls up to the curb. NICOLAS FOXX approaches Emma and engages her in a small exchange. She stands to her feet, takes Nicolas' hand and they approach the car. In a FLASH, Nicolas forces Emma into the back seat and jumps in after her. The car speeds away.
Katie's sedan SCREECHES to a stop. She darts out of the car, bolts up the stairs and into the school. A few moments later, the front doors of the school burst open as Katie races back to her car and drives away.

In the search for her daughter, Katie finds herself at a ramshackle warehouse, its windows streaked opaque with years of dust and grime, and surrounded by a fence. Two black cars are parked outside.

Inside, Katie sprints down the hall, two men charge after her drawing their 9mm pistols as they go. She motors hard ahead, disappearing around a CORNER. As they follow-- Katie's crouched low, just a foot inside. As the first man rounds the corner, Katie blows him up like a linebacker on a goal line stand. His gun clatters.

Katie readies her gun as another two men come around the corner. Suddenly, a voice yells, 'STOP' and Katie looks on as her former counter intelligence handler DAWN NIZAR, enters. Dawn provides Katie with information to find her daughter.
Katie tracks Nicolas down in the back room of a jazz club. Not only does she manage to take out all of Nicolas' men, but she also manages to get her daughter back.

For now, it appears that Katie is free, although her every move is now monitored.

Submitted: January 31, 2018
Last Updated: January 31, 2018

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The Writer: Dwight Stephen

I love to write and I remain excited about sharing my craft and stories with others. I was a finalist at the Write Brothers International Screenplay Competition (Respect The Order). Go to bio

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