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An all-American family welcomes an expensive breed of cat, which turns out to have a true killer instinct.

SPHYNX, a rare species of the cat, not afraid to kill for what seems just his entertainment, is introduced when he kills his latest owner by knocking him down a staircase. We slowly learn the original owner is a mysterious old lady (MORTICIA), who dealt with stonewalling tactics from the insurance agency. Sphynx attacks several others who are innocently trying to make friends with the unique pet.

CHRIS, another agent, wants to sell the rare cat for breeding but decides to give this valuable cat a chance with his own family. Chris’s wife (ELLEN) and both his children are amazed by the intelligence and tricks that Sphynx is capable of -- from sitting at the dinner table to using the toilet and flushing. When the family leaves for school and work, Sphynx decides to “play” with the neighbor’s barking dog, then goes for blood.

At a pet store, Ellen brags about the intelligence of the rare breed, and the store owner gets an idea. Chris works on signing insurance contracts at work, which can turn a big profit for the agency. The mailman is attacked by Sphynx after witnessing a clash with the neighbor’s barking dog, and the kids want to come home to play.

While enjoying dinner with Sphynx, the neighbor knocks on the door to ask about his missing dog. Again, the family spends the night playing with Sphynx and doing tricks. And at bedtime, Chris notices Sphynx alone in the backyard. When checking the cat, he sees strange unrecognizable body parts and becomes suspicious. The rest of the family is in love with the perfect cat, not seeing any risk.

The next day, the pet store lady, realizing the value of breeding this rare cat breed, comes to the empty house with a cage. Sphynx attacks and she winds up dangling from spikes on the iron gate. Chris works on questionable insurance deals, pitching benefits, and making insincere promises. And Morticia continues her own fight for the return of her cat.

Ellen comes home early with canned food but is immediately attacked by Sphynx. She ends up bloody and hiding in a closet. When the kids come home from school, they also battle for their lives.
Finally, when Chris comes in, Sphynx attacks again, biting and scratching. Covered in blood, Chris finally pulls out a knife in the kitchen and chases Sphynx into a corner.

When the police arrive, they see a bloody family and Chris holding up a knife. Morticia is rolled in her wheelchair, and it is then revealed that Morticia is a nice woman who was taken advantage of by Chris’s insurance company. The Sphynx cat is returned to Morticia, the rightful owner. And Chris, Ellen, and the entire insurance firm are arrested for the scandal.

Submitted: April 3, 2019
Last Updated: September 10, 2020

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The Writer: Johnny Atkinson

Breaking into Hollywood is like playing the lottery, and I learned that the hard way. With a degree in Journalism, I moved to Southern California to pursue a career in television. I wrote spec scripts and met with producers at Paramount Studios. I truly thought it was all going to be easy. But shows got canceled, I was too young, and my unsigned agent stopped returning phone calls. I reluctantly started a career in radio as an assistant to the assistant, then got into news (writing boring articles from aged city council meetings). Finally, I got into television. What started as writer and producer of commercials and infomercials behind the scenes grew into a reporter and news anchor! I took... Go to bio
Agent: Bryan Unyimadu

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