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When a shy young teenage girl gets an unexpected bad grade on a test, she begins an investigation to determine alibis, motivation and a possible crime.

JUJI is a shy but gifted fifteen-year-old high school senior with a history of straight “A’s” and a bright future. She is earning college scholarships and has a habit of investigating and solving mysteries. Juji’s parents both worked as detectives and died when she was young. She is now being raised by her GRANDMA and GRANDPA.

Using proper helmet and padding, Juji’s gets around on bicycle riding back and forth to school. In addition to her grades, Juji uses modern phone and computer for school studies and documentation of questionable activities she encounters. When Juji is run off the road by an irresponsible driver in a sports car, she begins an investigation of possible wrongdoings of driver, the security guard, the principal, teachers and certain students around the school.

A new friend at school, BROOKE, begins trying to help Juji fit in better and sets her up on a date with an older high school junior to the Saturday night’s big “Fall Formal” dance. Football coach and the starting quarterback (FREDDY) are worried about an important History exam. The head cheerleader asks Juji to help Freddy pass the computer graded exam by allowing certain students to cheat, but Juji refuses. She finally takes what she believes is an easy exam and is sure of a good grade.

On Friday morning, Juji finds out her investigation of the possible drug exchange is not provable as accused has a believable alibi. And when History teacher passes out grades, Juji receives the shocking grade of a “D”, her lowest grade in her school history. Principal of the school and several teachers are annoyed with Juji’s continual oversight of school activities and are happy to see her first low test score. Disheartened Juji leaves school early and lies in bed watching shallow teen programming.

On Saturday night, Brooke and two boys arrive at Juji's house prepared for Fall Formal dance. Juji refused to go before Grandpa finally convinces her of the importance of commitment. Juji dresses up and agrees to attend a formal dinner and the Fall Formal school dance at the school. Juji spends her night investigating the mysteries and looking for clues. She then spends her Sunday uncovering evidence to explain her grade and other suspicious activities.

On Monday morning, Juji confronts the principal, teachers and students and reveals the facts she’s uncovered.

Submitted: April 11, 2019
Last Updated: March 15, 2020
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The Writer: Johnny Atkinson

Breaking into Hollywood is like playing the lottery, and I learned that the hard way. With a degree in Journalism, I moved to Southern California to pursue a career in television. I wrote spec scripts and met with producers at Paramount Studios. I truly thought it was all going to be easy. But shows got cancelled, I was too young, and my unsigned agent stopped returning phone calls. I reluctantly started a career in radio as an assistant to the assistant, then got into news (writing boring articles from aged city council meetings). Finally, I got into television. What started as writer and producer of commercials and infomercials behind the scenes grew into a reporter and news anchor on-air... Go to bio
Agent: Bryan Unyimadu

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